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  1. I was at the trial (well for 2 sections till my Swm lost spark !!) my son was riding as well and was good to see his scores as he went round, and know when he would be towards the finish. obviously won’t make it to club trials - clubs struggle to get observers with pencil and paper never mind scanners !! but got to say it was good. cheers john
  2. I got a pair of plain black (no pattern, writing or anything ) from wulfsport clearance on eBay - were £19.99 really good quality so good I bought second pair !! not sure in they are still available but may come up again cheers John

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    For sale my Beta TR34 excellent original condition very crisp engine everything works as it should, ready to trial

    1,495.00 GBP

  4. John barnett

    Xispa 250

    Alan winter owner of alspan motorcycles in crook, Co Durham excellent mechanic !
  5. Simple question Smashed mine yesterday at a trial- I don’t think the techno/rev 3/evo ones fit. Any idea where I can get one let me know cheers John
  6. Hi there I'm building a trials special using an Italjet 100T rolling chassis. I need a set of front brake shoes and a rear sprocket but struggling to find spares. Any thoughts on either who could supply them, or what they are the same as ? cheers John
  7. I’m sure he was at the Sheffield indoor this year ? clearly did a huge amount for trials ....
  8. Apols yes you’re right - typo - I meant 10 ! It’s been a long day cheers john
  9. Hi there What's the best gearing on Fantic 240 ? Currently running 11/39 and after first ride I think needs slowing a little (possibly to 12/39?) Standard of riding is expert Kia sections - pretty much modern riding style. Any advice appreciated. cheers, John
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