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  1. John barnett

    Italjet 100T parts

    Hi there I'm building a trials special using an Italjet 100T rolling chassis. I need a set of front brake shoes and a rear sprocket but struggling to find spares. Any thoughts on either who could supply them, or what they are the same as ? cheers John
  2. John barnett

    Neil Crosswaite

    I’m sure he was at the Sheffield indoor this year ? clearly did a huge amount for trials ....
  3. John barnett

    Fantic 240 Gearing

    All done !👍👍
  4. John barnett

    Fantic 240 Gearing

    Apols yes you’re right - typo - I meant 10 ! It’s been a long day cheers john
  5. John barnett

    Fantic 240 Gearing

    Hi there What's the best gearing on Fantic 240 ? Currently running 11/39 and after first ride I think needs slowing a little (possibly to 12/39?) Standard of riding is expert Kia sections - pretty much modern riding style. Any advice appreciated. cheers, John
  6. John barnett

    Montesa 304 Carb

    Thanks !