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  1. Hi there my son has one for a while a few years ago - did well on it! rear 17” no problem, loads available front 20” - nothing available. Luckily we had a good front so no problem. What most people do is lace a 19” rim to the front hub, and then loads available. cheers john
  2. John barnett

    IT 175

    Well with all of the trials bikes prepped and sorted, the latest project to hit the workshop for covid19 project is a 1977 IT 175! Couple of questions ... 1 - both mudguards are good condition but very faded - what’s the best bet to paint ? And does anyone know the colour code ? 2 - long shot but does anyone have an airbox cover and filter cage ? (Or know where I could get them) 3 - piston and barrel look ok but seems low compression ? Was going to put a set of rings in as it’s not blowing past the rings - I can get nos rings - but will 40+ year old rings be brittle ? Better bet some pattern ones ? mid new pattern ones might as well get piston kit ? I think that’s about it for now! cheers john
  3. Hi neil I got a blank talon 428 sprocket the size I wanted (I got the smallest front sprocket for the engine) , then had it drilled to suit. it’s a manual ? John
  4. Hi Andy for the money I would take it off your hands tomorrow , just the distance from me !! cheers john
  5. Hi andy the mods aren’t too bad at all ! To be honest you are giving away the chassis and motor - I even thought of buying it for the money to build another and sell it on !! i would sell the yam engine and go for it - would make a fantastic bike with the Honda engine cheers john
  6. Hi there Had mine since late 2019, and suits me fine (at 53).. Great to ride on easy route (electric start is great), I can finish a trial and still feel like I could ride another lap, simple maintenance .....and 30-40% cheaper than other new bikes ! oh.....and I got a podium at the weekend and a mention in TMX ! cheers John
  7. Completely agree in almost all respects. we have a ty175 and Fantic 240 that my son rides competitively to top national level. The back wheel rebuild for the Fantic cost almost as much as this bike ! The point of this was to keep an old guy busy (my dad - and he has done many many rebuilds for me) , at minimal cost to me ! The result my son might ride now and again in a Wednesday night or Saturday easy trial - against anything that anyone wants to run in the easy route - and most people up our way will just say crack on, well done. Actually at the trial last Sunday a load of people asked me and my son “so when’s this bike coming out? Can’t wait to see it “ cheers john
  8. Thanks for that ! good praise that it looks like a production bike - just need the right trial to try it out ! ??
  9. The reality it was a project to keep my dad busy, and to have resurrected an old rolling chassis into something rideable. The plan isnt to ride in Kia rounds or the like (me and my son have supported them the last 4 years on “proper” twinshocks), just maybe a few local trials (not in a specific Twinshock class) to be honest I also wanted to see if I could build a bike for £500 (ok - so I overshot a little !) and win an easy route trial against modern bikes (with my son on board - not me !!) ?? cheers John
  10. No, Chinese pit bike engine. Comes complete with carb, air filter, exhaust and all electrics. I went for the largest possible front sprocket and had to have a back sprocket made to suit but gearing seems fine . cheers john
  11. Hi guys thanks for the replies and comments ! biggest problem on the build was altering the frame to fit the barrel through the frame- I’ve added a pic- but it was relatively easy to cut and fabricate. It’s is a short wheelbase and very light (I’ll check- the bike is at my dads, it’s been his project to keep him busy)- but I guess maybe 2” shorter than modern trials bike and I would say 60ish kg ?. Because the wheelbase is short we had to move the handlebars forward on the triple clamps, other than fabricating engine mounts and brake pedal, all straightforward ! Just as ever it’s the little bits and pieces that take the time. I’ll take some more photos of the completed bike tomorrow - but thanks again for the comments !
  12. Cheers tim At some point I think chris will ride it in a local trial on easy route. it sounds better than it looks as well !??
  13. I know it’s been done before ... but an old italjet 100t frame, new 144cc engine ....£600 all in not a bad result !!
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