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    For sale, my SWM TL320 Guanaco twin shock trials. A lovely original condition trials bike, with the following work done in the last year. Forks rechromed and rebuilt by Dynashape, electronic ignition fitted (supplied by moto SWM), polished fat bars fitted with adaptors. These can easily be removed but I think the fat bars give a much cleaner look and better riding position. Silencer modified to have perforated tube and fibreglass packing. Sounds lovely and packing can be replaced. Tank sealed, falcon shocks fitted. Modern footrests fitted, but using original hangers etc. Replacement SWM pattern mudguards (supplied by moto SWM) - I have the ones which came with the bike that I will include). Clutch lightened for really light action. Overall a very original looking bike (and I think it looks better that way). Very competitive with bulletproof rotax engine, ideal for Kia pre 78 class. Cash on collection or bank transfer before pick up. Thanks for looking and any questions please ask

    1,500.00 GBP

  2. Completely agree in almost all respects. we have a ty175 and Fantic 240 that my son rides competitively to top national level. The back wheel rebuild for the Fantic cost almost as much as this bike ! The point of this was to keep an old guy busy (my dad - and he has done many many rebuilds for me) , at minimal cost to me ! The result my son might ride now and again in a Wednesday night or Saturday easy trial - against anything that anyone wants to run in the easy route - and most people up our way will just say crack on, well done. Actually at the trial last Sunday a load of people asked me and my son “so when’s this bike coming out? Can’t wait to see it “ cheers john
  3. Thanks for that ! good praise that it looks like a production bike - just need the right trial to try it out ! 👍👍
  4. The reality it was a project to keep my dad busy, and to have resurrected an old rolling chassis into something rideable. The plan isnt to ride in Kia rounds or the like (me and my son have supported them the last 4 years on “proper” twinshocks), just maybe a few local trials (not in a specific Twinshock class) to be honest I also wanted to see if I could build a bike for £500 (ok - so I overshot a little !) and win an easy route trial against modern bikes (with my son on board - not me !!) 😂😂 cheers John
  5. No, Chinese pit bike engine. Comes complete with carb, air filter, exhaust and all electrics. I went for the largest possible front sprocket and had to have a back sprocket made to suit but gearing seems fine . cheers john
  6. Hi guys thanks for the replies and comments ! biggest problem on the build was altering the frame to fit the barrel through the frame- I’ve added a pic- but it was relatively easy to cut and fabricate. It’s is a short wheelbase and very light (I’ll check- the bike is at my dads, it’s been his project to keep him busy)- but I guess maybe 2” shorter than modern trials bike and I would say 60ish kg ?. Because the wheelbase is short we had to move the handlebars forward on the triple clamps, other than fabricating engine mounts and brake pedal, all straightforward ! Just as ever it’s the little bits and pieces that take the time. I’ll take some more photos of the completed bike tomorrow - but thanks again for the comments !
  7. Cheers tim At some point I think chris will ride it in a local trial on easy route. it sounds better than it looks as well !👍👍
  8. I know it’s been done before ... but an old italjet 100t frame, new 144cc engine ....£600 all in not a bad result !!
  9. I was at the trial (well for 2 sections till my Swm lost spark !!) my son was riding as well and was good to see his scores as he went round, and know when he would be towards the finish. obviously won’t make it to club trials - clubs struggle to get observers with pencil and paper never mind scanners !! but got to say it was good. cheers john
  10. I got a pair of plain black (no pattern, writing or anything ) from wulfsport clearance on eBay - were £19.99 really good quality so good I bought second pair !! not sure in they are still available but may come up again cheers John
  11. John barnett

    Xispa 250

    Alan winter owner of alspan motorcycles in crook, Co Durham excellent mechanic !
  12. Simple question Smashed mine yesterday at a trial- I don’t think the techno/rev 3/evo ones fit. Any idea where I can get one let me know cheers John
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