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  1. sherco70

    Future of Gasgas

    Put some teflon thread tape under the brake and clutch lever clamps so they move freely with a fall. And check out some of the YouTube videos on setting up your trials bike. Bar end buttons work well to protect the throttle mechanism and grips. I don't have problems using the high octane grade with ethanol and mix a top rated 2t oil as recommended in the manual. Did just a bit of tuning with the idle mixture screw and the main and needle seem good. Have fun, sure are pretty before we put some use to them. Art
  2. sherco70

    Future of Gasgas

    I personally don't see any reason to not buy a Gasgas, even an old one. Most of my friends ride older Montesa 4RT machines and here in the USA, many Honda dealers in the area don't carry parts and don't want to work on them. Trials is not a big money maker for most dealers. The dealer I use is couple hundred miles away but gives excellent service. Art
  3. Bought a Gasgas last year, has about 75 hours on it, hasn't needed anything but fuel and lube. I would not worry about parts, as most maintenance and rebuild part seem available, and the dealer feels the KTM buying is mainly to support the enduro line. Art
  4. sherco70

    Beta 4T Plug Color?

    Richer runs cooler, but build up of carbon leads to other concerns later on.
  5. Welcome, I have heard the 125 School is really smooth, and fun to ride. Art
  6. sherco70

    Future of Gasgas

    Staying alive in business goes many directions. Seem to be choice of staying small and solvent or depend on developing lots of products to expand.
  7. Hard to say without using, but my road bike open face helmet visor was to low, and blocked the field of view when on the pegs and looking down. Art
  8. I'm poor with balance also. Fact is at 73 years, I don't hope to be great at it. I did make a simple device to practice on. A board about 12 inches by 30 inches. 3/4 to 1 inch thick, supports my 175 lb weight . The board is centered lengthwise across a piece of 2 by 2 inch 12 inch lenght wood. I didn't even fasten it to the main piece. Those of you who are great at balancing, please stop laughing. For me it was an easy way to start learning and easy to practice, as that seems to be the way to get you body to learn. Don't use a round piece for the balance point without fastening it to the board. You just may inflict serious injury!! 😘 Art
  9. Teflon tape under the lever clamps and making sure the levers move seems to work to prevent breaking the levers, also move them in on the bar. Art
  10. The opening I cut is in the black of the decal and not noticeable. The baffle under the hole is a simple piece of plastic, taped in place. The front opening to the airbox, is blocked with some filter foam, I had , and oiled some. Still the intake gets it's share of dusty air, but seems to go longer between filter cleaning. It's a little faster to check the filter now. Art
  11. Gets real dusty, here in the riding area, and my 2017 Gasgas seems to get a lot of the fine dust into the airbox. I blocked off the intake from the front, and cut an opening in the top lid, and made a baffle under the hole. So far it is reducing the amount of dust that enters the airbox. Art
  12. I have read that plugging the exhaust will stop the engine, but have no experience with this personally. Art
  13. The chain tensioner on my 2017 Gasgas Contact was not moving as well as I thought it should, so I took it off and cleaned up the pivot and applied some grease and then had such a good time getting it back on the swingarm. As far as I can tell there is no simple trick to installing the spring. Google did bring up a nifty tool Jim Snell made to make the install easy, but takes a bit of welding and grinding. Also some older TC threads talked about using zip ties and I finally used zip ties and made a handle to apply leverage to one end of the spring, and removed a linkage bolt so I could get the tensioner in position. The spring needs to be compressed, and is not easy to do. Point in posting this is to caution owners of this type of tensioner to not just pull it off to clean and lube as something routinely to do on a rainy day, unless you have the strength a gorilla or find some trick I could not find. Art
  14. My feelings is some related to when and where you usually ride. Real dusty, oil the filter thoroughly. The oil migrates through the filter but oiling all surfaces and good massaging the filter to even it out works well for all conditions.
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