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  1. sherco70

    2017 280 questions

    Good to hear that the starting concern not a big issue. The Gasgas is really great when you need to access things. The whole rear section, fender and airbox comes off with 4 fasteners and loosen the clamp on the carb intake. Spoils a person compared to the other machines in the garage. I may make the PST trials also in Feb. Art
  2. sherco70

    2017 280 questions

    25 F degrees and snowing this morning. In the area we have 5 to 6 active trials riders. We like to ride single track trails at Cassidy Creek, Dry Hills and Foot Hills. All close to Sequim and Port Angeles. Art
  3. sherco70

    2017 280 questions

    2017 250 Gasgas Contact here. Kicking is pretty easy, 1 to 3 kicks and definitely don't kick without bringing it to a bit of engagement , so as not to damage the kick start mechanism . I run the owners manual , recommended 2% oil gas mix, using Bel Ray syn ester, and plug color is right on. Some models I believe have the recommended ratio at 1.5%. and I use an MTL in the transmission , also Bel Ray. The ratio of gas oil does affect jetting. Also home is Washington , out on the OLympic Peninsula . News here is that we may be getting a trials area as part of the DNR trail system here. If you live in the Seattle area check out the Puget Sound Trialers club, and they already have an area developed in the Reiter, DNR trail system. Art
  4. Shipping here in the USA is 3 to 5 hundred. Buying used, shipping is rarely a choice from the seller, especially if not a dealer. And with the Tenaci -wong shipping is what to expect with only one US dealer. Nice to have those with personal experience with the machine share their knowledge. www.bsaotter.com gives a lot of information on the Tenaci Wong, from several sources.
  5. In Northwest USA, the trials sport is very small, the for sale adds for the last 4 months have had nothing listed other than a 60's Bultaco and a couple wore out TL Hondas. Seems newer 2 to 5 year old machines get passed on via word of mouth. The couple dealers have not had a new machine to sell since the end of Summer. The money seems to be made selling 4 wheel guads and side by side machines.
  6. The electric start, and mildly tuned 4 stroke, seem to be what some of my friends are looking for as the first trials for there kids and mates.
  7. Here in the USA, only one dealer that I'm aware of but they are a reputable trials dealer. Canada seems to be importing them. The weight is up almost 30 lb over 2 strokes but this is with the electric srart and battery. Also the price is up there where good used machines are available. Still I hope the survive and become an option.
  8. sherco70

    Future of Gasgas

    Trials riding is more about the rider, especially for me. Getting a new machine is not that much of an issue. All makes need a variety of products to generate income. To give Gasgas credit they do have the electric. And I got the Contact.
  9. sherco70

    Future of Gasgas

    Put some teflon thread tape under the brake and clutch lever clamps so they move freely with a fall. And check out some of the YouTube videos on setting up your trials bike. Bar end buttons work well to protect the throttle mechanism and grips. I don't have problems using the high octane grade with ethanol and mix a top rated 2t oil as recommended in the manual. Did just a bit of tuning with the idle mixture screw and the main and needle seem good. Have fun, sure are pretty before we put some use to them. Art
  10. sherco70

    Future of Gasgas

    I personally don't see any reason to not buy a Gasgas, even an old one. Most of my friends ride older Montesa 4RT machines and here in the USA, many Honda dealers in the area don't carry parts and don't want to work on them. Trials is not a big money maker for most dealers. The dealer I use is couple hundred miles away but gives excellent service. Art
  11. Bought a Gasgas last year, has about 75 hours on it, hasn't needed anything but fuel and lube. I would not worry about parts, as most maintenance and rebuild part seem available, and the dealer feels the KTM buying is mainly to support the enduro line. Art
  12. sherco70

    Beta 4T Plug Color?

    Richer runs cooler, but build up of carbon leads to other concerns later on.
  13. Welcome, I have heard the 125 School is really smooth, and fun to ride. Art
  14. sherco70

    Future of Gasgas

    Staying alive in business goes many directions. Seem to be choice of staying small and solvent or depend on developing lots of products to expand.
  15. Hard to say without using, but my road bike open face helmet visor was to low, and blocked the field of view when on the pegs and looking down. Art
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