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  1. On a lighter note, came across a greeting, developed with social distancing in mind, and which trials riders, with their good balance skills, would adapt to. "The foot shake". Persons are using the knuckle bump, and other greetings keeping their distanceing in mind. The foot shake fits well into trials riders good balanceing abilities. Art
  2. 1 turn out to max of 2 turns out, over 2 or under 1 turn out the idle jet should be changed. Art
  3. You just need to go to the Gas Gas trials web site and you can download the manuals. It's all there. Art
  4. Noticed the Gas Gas dealer I use, in Oregon State, has anounced 2020 models. My 2017 doesn't need replacing, but good to see KTM is working toward keeping Gas Gas trials alive. Art
  5. Washington state, USA, has reopened off road trails, which includes trials areas, but continues to ban group events, so some progress in our part of the country and a big part of maintaining sanity. Art
  6. During the winter, with no area open, I ride 10 to 15 minutes in the driveway, figure eights, full lock turns, static balance, may look nuts to the neighbors, but keeps the jets clean, and only mix the gas 1/2 liter at a time. Keep it fresh. Have mostly gone back to this with the pandemic, but do have a fellow trials bud who has several acres of property and have been out to his personal trials sections. But can not count on this. Art
  7. Dealers have crated and shipped the last two machines friends have purchased. Knowing a reputable dealer has worked well as dealers are not close in this corner of the USA. I'm sure this has helped them with the pandemic close down Art
  8. Gas Gas seems as reliable as any of the brands. My 2017 has needed nothing, friends ride the Montesa 4RT and Vertigo and Sherco. We have no local dealer, so we all order parts online. I recently rode a 2019 Gas Gas 125 TXT racing and was impressed with how good a 125 is. Don't pass up on any of the engine sizes if you see a good one you can try. Art
  9. Yes the rubber piece circled in the picture fits on the carb and the airbox boot fits over it. The plate you mentioned slides over the airbox boot and unless you took the boot off the airbox is still there. It's the backing plate for the air filter metal mount in the air box. Art
  10. Welcome, Nice machines. My first trials was a 1970 250 Sherpa. Good memories with the Bultaco.
  11. Those are vent openings, usually they have nothing on the fitting or tubes that run under the carb. Connecting them would block the venting. The split may have been intentional to alow venting.
  12. sherco70

    New chain

    Wash it out with kerosene and dry before relube. Do a Google search for measuring wear will best tell you how to check wear.
  13. Welcome, What is available here in Washington, is very different from the UK and other areas where trials has an old and active history. If you live in the Seattle area, more trials will show up in the Seattle area. With this virus shutdown, thing are on hold for the Washington club. The Puget Sound Trialers, but a good group to contact, as lately used trials bikes often are sold without hitting Craigslist or adds. Art
  14. Check out the Toni Bou YouTube video riding inside his home. He is totally amazing. Art
  15. Less oil, richer fueling, more oil, leaner fueling. Best to stick with the recommended mix if jets are the ones supplied by the factory. A lower flash point oil will produce less sponge for most riders. Art
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