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  1. Thanks again, what a friendly and helpful bunch you are! I will have a tinker with it and see what conclusion i come to, then will report back. Very intrigued that a few of you suggest to lean out the oil to fuel ratio, against the manuals recommendation!
  2. I am running it at 50:1 as that is what is stated in the manual online.. is that too rich?
  3. Ok I will try re packing the silencer. it’s only 2 years old and the last (2nd owner) only road it 4 times in 6 months. So does seem a little odd that the packing has broken down?
  4. Awesome thanks for all of your comments, I would like to be able to ride it for 30 minutes non stop if possible. Is that not ok on a trials bike? I come from a motocross back ground, but have bought this for a bit of fun and mid week fitness etc. Wouldn’t mind entering a couple of local comps too!
  5. I have just bought a GasGas txt 300. it runs fine and has lots of compression etc. When riding it on a loop on the woods for 15 minutes or so and getting it nice and hot, it starts smoking excessively a blueish smoke. If I stop and let it cool for 5 minutes the smoke stops, until I get it hot again. I'm thinking (and hoping) this might be excess oil built up in the exhaust, has anyone had any experience of this? The bike gets warm to the point where the fan goes on for a few seconds here and there when riding, but I’m pretty sure it’s not over heating.
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