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  1. MarkLathrope

    Beta 2006 rev 3 250

    Job done this morning step by step in the end I took the lever out pumped the master cylinder a couple of time then took out the clutch line from the top forced the fluid back up the line in a a bottle locked off the bleed nipple drained out the master cylinder connected back up the line and refilled the cylinder via the syringe perfect pushed all the air up and out 👍 thank you again
  2. MarkLathrope

    Beta 2006 rev 3 250

    To be fair I’ve tried both ways I cannot get fluid in or out of the master cylinder now I’ve tried pushin it up with lever in and out and tried sucking it back through as well I’ve got most of the dirty fluid back out now but it will not suck any clean down ether 😤
  3. MarkLathrope

    Beta 2006 rev 3 250

    To be fair there nothing on the lever just comes straight back to bars no pressure at all how do I know if there free play ??
  4. MarkLathrope

    Beta 2006 rev 3 250

    Bloody fantastic I’ve tried this several times before but Saturday I am going to give it another go thanks 🙏
  5. MarkLathrope

    Beta 2006 rev 3 250

    Guys i need help with bleeding the clutch i can not get any pressure via the bleed nipple clutch end After changing the bleed nipple and banjo nut and copper washers, originally i just want to replace the clutch fluid after inspection it was filthy and bleed nipple rusted solid is there a secret way of bleeding the clutch i ve even opened the bleed nipple tube in a bottle and left it open for a couple of hours to see it it would run through with gravity thanks
  6. MarkLathrope

    Beta Rev3 2006

    Having had the bike a couple of days now just going through the fluid levels and replacing etc and general check over before first ride out I’ve noticed the bottom shock bush swinging arm mounting end is slightly worn are these easy enough to replace ?? also on the Master cyclinder and clutch cyclinder the rubber boots are worn where is the best place to order replacement parts from around Durham or online ?? thanks
  7. MarkLathrope

    Rev3 2006 best oils 250cc2 stroke

    What’s are the best oils to run 2 stroke what’s best ??? gear oil what’s the best every bike I have my sons road race bikes on Rockoil what gear oil isit 20/70 thanks
  8. MarkLathrope

    Buying a Beta

    Hi Bought the old girl today £1000 its a genuine bike nothing really wrong only age related things ie: wore out Allen bolts looks all ok but going to go through it like a fine tooth comb
  9. MarkLathrope

    Buying a Beta

    Fantastic thank you so much I think it’s got a small oil leak I need to double check where from when I go back to view the bikesgain that gear is that behind the clutch on the Lhs?
  10. MarkLathrope

    Buying a Beta

    Buying a second hand beta 2006 guys you herd this a million times before what should I look out for any specific tips I’ve looked the bike over seems ok seems as though might have a little oil leak around gear selection output shaft forks seals ok 👌 swing arms bearings said to been done and wheels bearings 4 weeks ago how can I check the engine fires up good from cold does seems a little noisy also. There no history of piston change or ring what else can I check ??? thanks mark