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  1. have a look at jim snell youtube video about the dellorto
  2. That’s the procedure I have followed I’ve even tapped the Allen bolt in its self I will keep trying thanks
  3. Thanks next stop was a blow lamp on the knuckle on the splines ? shes had a full strip down and clean just a good general clean and tidy. Could really do with new wheel bearing again what a pig to pull the rear spacers they won’t budge
  4. Hi again guys is there any trick to getting off a seized on kick start I’ve followed the removal process by undoing the Allen bolts and using the lever to prize it off the splines. looking for tips now how to remove I’ve soaked it in release agent thanks
  5. Guys can any body shed a little light on the mapping switch just need information on how it work and actually what’s situation would it be used thanks
  6. Absolutely perfect I thought there was something missing thank you guys
  7. Guys I’ve totally strip and clean the entire bike today after. Picking it yesterday question is : the airbox joining the carb through body work I’ve undone all the body work screws to lift off rear body work and tail section ive undone the rubber link hose to air side of the delorto carb and lift it away! ? right re fitting in reverse : is there or should there be a rubber on the back of the carb that fits inside the rubber link tube to the air box if you tighten up the jubilee clip on this link pipe is looks to small and water and crap could get in this gap I will try and up load a pic should there be the iteam in the second pic fixed to the carb then into the link hose and then tightened up thank you I also don’t have the square plate thing in front of the rubber part ether
  8. Perfect am I right in thinking the N denotes the year model and the 1 denotes year of manufacturing thank you
  9. Hi guys could some share a bit of light and help ID my new bike please Model and year I’ve tried to follow the frame number guide but could someone help me out thanks
  10. Job done this morning step by step in the end I took the lever out pumped the master cylinder a couple of time then took out the clutch line from the top forced the fluid back up the line in a a bottle locked off the bleed nipple drained out the master cylinder connected back up the line and refilled the cylinder via the syringe perfect pushed all the air up and out ? thank you again
  11. To be fair I’ve tried both ways I cannot get fluid in or out of the master cylinder now I’ve tried pushin it up with lever in and out and tried sucking it back through as well I’ve got most of the dirty fluid back out now but it will not suck any clean down ether ?
  12. To be fair there nothing on the lever just comes straight back to bars no pressure at all how do I know if there free play ??
  13. Bloody fantastic I’ve tried this several times before but Saturday I am going to give it another go thanks ?
  14. Guys i need help with bleeding the clutch i can not get any pressure via the bleed nipple clutch end After changing the bleed nipple and banjo nut and copper washers, originally i just want to replace the clutch fluid after inspection it was filthy and bleed nipple rusted solid is there a secret way of bleeding the clutch i ve even opened the bleed nipple tube in a bottle and left it open for a couple of hours to see it it would run through with gravity thanks
  15. MarkLathrope

    Beta Rev3 2006

    Having had the bike a couple of days now just going through the fluid levels and replacing etc and general check over before first ride out I’ve noticed the bottom shock bush swinging arm mounting end is slightly worn are these easy enough to replace ?? also on the Master cyclinder and clutch cyclinder the rubber boots are worn where is the best place to order replacement parts from around Durham or online ?? thanks
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