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  1. We can only get 95ron fuel where I live. I’ve just tried some octane booster, but didn’t help.
  2. Thanks for reply. Exaust repacked. I have spoken with Nigel Birkett today and he has given me some setting to do with the carb. Apparently these 2015 300s were problematic regards getting the carburation right.
  3. Inlet rubber was changed as the one on the bike had been bodged up
  4. Thanks for the reply. I will give them a call today.
  5. Hi there, just wondering if anyone might have any suggestions that I might try to resolve my issue. the bike is a 2015 Scorpa 300 twenty model. I bought it earlier this year and have had a few issues, so I will list what I have changed so far trying to sort the bike. It s running a keihin carb. crank seals replaced, Reed valves and inlet block changed, new barrel and piston as it seized, new CDI, I also have set carb float height and tried a no3 slide, but it’s back on the standard 3.5 slide. It’s currently running a 128 main jet. The bike runs fine at low revs, but if you try to open it up say in a hill climb or over the moor then it runs poorly and starts pinking. I have a 130 main jet that I am going to try, but if anyone has any other ideas what could be the problem that would be great as I’ve now spent so much trying to get this bike sorted out it’s doing my head in. maybe I should have tried the bigger main jet before posting here, but I will try it this week. Someone I ride with said had the new CDI been mapped to the bike, but I’ve never heard about that and don’t know if that is a requirement of installing one.
  6. Thanks for that, that’s a great help, will get onto getting parts ordered. ??
  7. During the lock down I’ve been constructing a section in the back garden. Still a bit to go but getting the base laid in then will start making alterations to make it more challenging. closest area is also going to double a steps down into garden steeper than the photo makes it look.
  8. Could anyone advise what carb setup I should start with for my Sherpa 250 198A using a Dellorto PHBH26. BS jet sizes ,needle etc. cheers in advance.
  9. Anyone any experience with modern fork internals for classic bikes. Thinking to get the HFS fork internals as I’ve put the OZO/Betor shocks on the rear and want to improve the front end. Are they worth while/money or put new springs in originals. At present they bottom out easily. Running 15w fork oil as recommended to me.
  10. Ok guys thanks for your reply’s. I will keep trying to see if I can find the fault. Might try another TB, but not keen to pay £300
  11. Hi there just wondered if anyone has experienced a problem like I’m having. my 15 repsol starts fine and runs away fine, but after a bit it starts dropping the engine speed on shutting off the throttle and it goes below idle speed and stalls. It will immediately start again and idle away fine, but drive the bike again and it will drop the idle speed and stall. So it’s happy idling from start up, but drops off from shuttling the throttle off. Seems to be once it’s warm. While running it takes full throttle and seems fine, but once shutting off it will stall. I have cleaned the throttle body main venturi butterfly passage and the air passage that is in use when idling. There had been an alteration done to the bike prior to me buying it and the head breather oil catch tank had been moved to under the seat and wasn’t doing it’s job and oil was getting into the airbox then going through the throttle body. I have put a small breather filter up under the headstock. Its my first montesa 4rt so not really that well read on the injection setup.
  12. Hi Guys. Was out again today. Had changed plug,checked coolant. Slackened off the throttle cable and brought the idle speed up, but it continued to do the same and drop the idle speed on shutting off throttle. I’ve taken the tank off to check it. Looks spotless inside. Is the teabag type filter in the small sump below the pump? Lifting the gasket I ca see a green mesh. Is it within the mesh. I will attach a photo. Any advice welcome I was thinking to get the throttle body off and see if it needed cleaning. It’s all new to me as I’ve been a Gasgas/ carb user until this bike being my first fuel injected so it’s all a bit of a mystery to me??
  13. gasgasshetland

    Ssdt gearing

    Just use 3rd gear flat oot in all sections ally ????
  14. Hi there can anyone recommend a company in the uk that do rebores. My 198A 250sherpa is in need of a rebores and wondered if anyone could advise on who to use and estimated cost of he rebore.
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