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  1. as i understand it, it is like a long distance trial, with byways and road work but minor road not dual carriageways - they are nessecary to link up the byways. my old man does it on a trials sidecar, many other ride trials bike
  2. i asked my old man who had done it several times, and he said realitly a lot. checking out the supplementary regs for this years it does say you'll need to do 50+ miles (need to check) to make the first petrol station
  3. rabie


    Michelin did put out a press release (this last winter?) saying there would be issues for over a year i suspect that have a high natural rubber content and i think are made in SE Asia (ie shipping issues) i also hear from other riders issues getting hold of other tyres (MX, Enduro, Trials) i no longer work in the tyre indsutry, but i would suggest asking Watling Tyres's Gillignham branch or (if the orgional poster is still asking) try enduro tyres dot com (who show them as out of stock) - both of these companies are big micheling tyres so should know more
  4. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose one could write war and peace on various topics, but when one is feeling cycnical the above phrase problably covers it best
  5. we run mx, enduros and trials and our accident rate at falls off dramtically as you get to trials. while i'm not sure anyone has run a statistical analyisis, some of the usual supsect are already covered; eg boots, touser with leather patches, long sleeves, gloves and helmet (in the UK gloves and long sleeves are only compulsary for youth). there are some other areas that people are concered with and extra things like knee, body, arm armour are used by some, lanyards to stop engines of run away bikes (compuslary for youth, sidecars and british championships), front sproket gaurds, disc gaurds, solid sprokets (all risk of taking a finger off). to what extent these areas need governing bodies to mandate has been of some debate, because most people would argue we are not seeing the injuries to make you want to do this. over in mx body armour has become compuslary recently, and there is a lot of debate over neck injuries and neck braces.
  6. In the UK we are not meant to be cleaning our bikes with hoses/pressure washers, etc i've seen a few riders do it recently with the advent of small battery handheld pressure washers conversly over in mx, everyone washes the bike at the end of the day, often after each race (200Litres / 45 gallons of water) from a venue owners point of view, we have never been worried about oil run off (lucky in some respects) and find the (UK) trials communites aversion to doing so odd to say the least (we use the same parking field as our MXs). to us it a bonus as we get all our soil back! but conversly if you had a venue where runoff of oil would be an issue (esp MOD / Forrestry Commission land) then this ban is allows you to keep using venues
  7. i have a 64 page pdf for beta evo two strokes - is this what you are looking for? or do you mean the book someone in a workshop/dearlship would use?
  8. there are diffrent kinds of trials for diffrent people. the LDTs i go to a furhter away (more travel time) and long laps (100 miles) and are fun. but local events around a wood, 30 to 70 riders, 8-13 sections are fun too, but for a co-hort of riders the abilty to be home for mid sunday afternooon makes it an accessable kinf of motorsport for them. there are still national trials, often single laps, offering this halycon vision of trials, and long may it continue!
  9. how did the tyre come to you, when i was in the tyre game, we used to have issues with some tyres that had been compressed in transit. guys would put a tube in them to get them back into shape first (before fitting). you could try a bead cheater (a giant air tank with a dump valve) there was a issue for while with some tyres (IRCs) on some shapes of rims (but i think that was all resolved)
  10. i'm not good enough to pull that off in a section, but we've tried riding along on the flat with the chair airborne. The theory is to translate this action to a high cambered section so you can run the chair wheel light. The driver needs to be slightly over (but still in control of the bike!) while the passanger is right over. On Pre65 sidecars you'll often see the drivers left foot on the seat to move the centre of gravity over.
  11. reading today's TMX, they say there are issue at the venue that some of hte sections have been demolished by operations at the site and/or affected by the lots of enduros run there. Nord Vue is out because of quarry work and new holiday cottages. But the editorial (by Sutty) makes the same inferences i've made above. We're obliged here in the UK to hold a "SAG" meeting with the local authroity when we run a large event (with spectators) to ensure everything is in place and being done properly. As to the role of the governing body, while i am not on the committee that looks after trials (i do other things within the ACU) i personally don't think its the governing bodies role to put on (themselves, at a loss) events. why should they spend all members money on a handfull of top ("pro" is a mute point) riders? i think there are many other things, which i think are more important, to spend our money on. the job of putting on the event is a commercial one that is down to a promoter (be they a business or a club). there are broader questions (for the FIM trials commission) about how comes their top event is unviable in the what second bigest trials market in the world? i and my club put on lots of trials, but also enduro and mx (we run a round of the british mx championship, thats some serious money) i'm not sure what transferable skills/ideas from them to trial we could/should be doing. the only point could be there was a "promotoer" of the world series (G2F) but that ended prematurley (another can of worms i presume)
  12. running a very large event, like this, is a hugh financial gamble. as many poeple have commented on hrere, over the eyars, the crowd at a UK round is only marginal - ie just enough to cover costs given the risks we could go into some form of lockdown 4 as kids go back to school, etc its best to cancel before any costs are spent. also while i know riders in others sport (mx, enduro, etc) have travelled over here and us over there (on the professional sport exemption) the lack of foreign specttors could be an issue? you've also still got to get local authority sign off on your event, including your covid measures, they (LA) could be creating issues (extra costs, labour, etc)
  13. partly it the pandemic partly it an onus on us (clubs / promotors / orgnaisers /etc) to provide news, previews, reports, results, etc (and i'm not good at that!) partly the internet has moved on, as others have said a club facebook page is easy to do and update but only apears to those that "do" facebook. those that are don't (and only do websites) miss out while young un's (what under 30 ???) use diffrent social media (instagram, etc) that us old un's aren't in on
  14. Yes mate, for my sins i'm on the club committee, etc and i and many others do loads of work to make it all happen. you'll find me about on wednesday night on my beta evo once i get out of work.
  15. Jon me and my team will be laying out the trial at Canada Heights. We hope to have around 15 sections with two to three routes; one easy (for newcomers), one as easy novice and one as easy intermediates. as said above no obsevers so less pressure, some sections you will find easy while others might have a skill set you hadven't mastered yet that you'll want to work on. there will be a wide array of riders there, ranging from the regular guys who ride every weekend to very occasional riders, tiwnshocks, pre65s, youths, etc (even sidecars). Erith club have a NKTC round (a covid practice trial this time) at Horsmonden this weekend, entries should still be avaliable on the ACU online entry site. Keep an eye out for Bexleyheath and OWLS club trials as well as other events around.
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