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  1. "initial Local Authority approval will still be required prior to any planned event" i just hope everyone is / has been doing this
  2. rabie


    if you are riding a lot on mud (we do down here) then its proably like a 50:50 split IRC to michelin (Dunlop aren't really seen much down here) if you are on rock (i infer you are) then it seams to be a split between Dunlop and Michelin the x-llight save weight but for most riders thats not an issue if you are really tight then the pirelli is cheaper (much more hard wearing for road work) and then there are cheaper ones still (vee rubber, cheng shing, etc, etc)
  3. as above if you are an organiser should you be using over 70's as officials (that seams to account for many in most clubs) the guidance from above (ACU/AMCA/etc) says among many things you must try and reduce risks, such as taking measures such as pre entry only (means your got all contact details, no cash, forms all filled in, licences all OK, etc). you've then got to decided how many riders your venue can accommodate in a socially distanced fashion (and given the small bits of land we have down here, some are a real tight squeeze). Then how many vehicles can you park 3m away from each other. we as motorcyclists have got to look the part when we run these events and not make a bad name for ourselves. there are many things going on (be it pubs, beaches, shops, riots, etc, etc) that are not doing such a good job. at my club we've decided to do the same (existing club members only) to start with (august) but mainly due to our numbers for our mx's and enduro's - it's something we can review later when we are more experienced at doing all the social distancing stuff.
  4. this is the real issue for me (as an organiser), all it needs is for some photo to get out (of some riders not doing it right, because they don't think it is an issue/real/etc) and the wrath of the do gooders / authorities / etc get us in trouble
  5. a few clubs are poking their heads above the parapet down here with "practice" trials. often closed to club all with limited entries. my club are tentativly looking at it but there are a lot of issues to be surmounted
  6. Beta UK have a part website, where you can put in the parts numbers from the above PDF. when i sold mine (a 1999) about 4 ish years ago, getting the plastics was getting a challenge, but you'ld often find old bikes being broken on ebay for parts
  7. rabie

    Beta Techno Stickers

    a plotter! (and some vinyl) making them and applying them is the (relitivly) easy part, creating accurate graphics is a nightmare (hence the 8 years old, non replied question above) - once you know the fonts, etc it is easy. a proper graphics deisgner is going to want lots of £££ to replicate it for you
  8. have you been seeing the graham jarvis videos, culminating in a "climax"
  9. vinnie - really good question, i don't have a set answer to hand. depending upon the difficulty of the trial, normally the answer can be as simple as no feet = 0 1 foot = 1 2 feet = 2 3 or more feet = 3 stop, crash, miss, etc = 5 now i also run trials CofC seminars, and we go through both TSR22A and B, look at the 10+ causes of a 5, and i know for BTC and WTC rounds there are observers breifings and really detailed discussions to be had on what constitutes a five or not (hence this year's BTC rule change) when i allocate / recuit observers (always welcome), and i know someone is new, where i can i send someone to help / assist / supervise - or - get them to help another observer, especailly in a long section (so you don't feel like a spare part!). some trials are relitivly simple and some sections are relitivly simple so there is often good opertunities to have your first observing experience.
  10. as a club (Sidcup) we're not going to be running some events (so lost money on a years budget). how the recovery works on the other side, no one knows, so thats hard to forecast for bigger plans (we have various capital plans) they are all on ice does that mean our 2020 is a write off, not entirley (we might lose 3 to 9 months, hopefully 4-5 months). we, nor anyone (gov, etc) have no idea when / how the return will be done as a group of clubs (NKTC) or centre (South East) we're going to lose a huge chunk of our calender but it shouldn't be the end of the world for the ACU (or other governing bodies) there is going to be a huge hole in the finances over insurance payments, i'ld expect there are some negotiations to take place. for riders, shops, equipment manufactures, importers, manufactures, etc then there are some huge issues - to what extent HM treasury help is suitable, accessable, relelvent that a whole big debate. stay safe everyone
  11. thanks to you all for all your work shame i didn't get very far. stripped the bike now, relineing the barrel, new piston and rings (woops!) - better luck next time top work by all the crew that battled to the finish!
  12. rabie

    99 techno

    it seamed to happen very often on the techno, i think i had my one done (fixed) at least twice by "west country windings"
  13. rabie

    Oil for techno

    no worries, i've a parts diagram for my old 1999 techno too, many of the parts numbers worked on the beta uk parts shop. i think there was a site in oz / usa or canada with parts diagrams going back to the late 80's
  14. really good question there was a guy in mx pusing them heavily, lots of advertising but its all gone quiete, a quick google dosen't show much active in the UK motomrelin does a good review of their trials tyre - https://www.motomerlin.co.uk/blog/?p=1703 - but thats 6 years ago!
  15. rabie

    Oil for techno

    i've still got the PDF owners manual (i downloaded from somewhere) when i had a techno, it probably tells you somewhere in there. 1999_beta_techno_250_owners_manual.pdf
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