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  1. apparently, there was a meeting of all the stakeholders and this what they wanted... not what i would have gone for but it’s not my decision to make
  2. opening it in firefox is fine for me, are you using chrome and i've even dug up MS Edge and it works there
  3. what the guys above have said, part of the package of running an acu events is it comes with a wave of insurance cover (see the front section of your handbook), notable for trials £40 million pounds of public liability cover and landowners indemnity insurance. this should give the landowner the re-assurance his posterior is covered. of course as above some numpty might try and sue them but this covers means the acu's impressive array of insurers, loss adjusters, lawyers, barristers, etc swings into action and looks after it all. contact a local club (or even set your own up) and run a practice trial - sure you'll need a permit, riders to sign on and pay money but that pays for all the insurance that keep the landowner happy.
  4. yes check out dave cooper in kent and autobars in bradford (???) to name but two legalisty wise you would need to look at a) noseweight (i think thats what it is called - weight of bike and can your car take it) and b) is your number plate and lamps visible (ie might need a tailboard)
  5. rabie

    Vic Madeley

    there is a company in essex called "stacey and sons" who do them (as well as numbers, coloured card, etc) and thats what most clubs down here use (other print them themselves - one of our guys get some special waterproof paper). there is a print company Gloucester way that do numbers and stuff they might also do them (can't remember the name).
  6. it isn't mate, it is just an extension to your existing policy for the bit most riders have saying "excludes races, trials and pizza delivery"
  7. to stop air leaks through the rim tape! some trials bikes have the spokes on a 90degree flange, so you don't have this problem but on a conventional spoked wheel, air leak from the spokes into the tyre or the spoke coming through into the tube are a real issue. also water and mud ingress via the same route i remember many an enduro rider putting layers and layers of duct tape down first, then rim tape (sometime silocone the spoke holes first)
  8. there are pleanty of them around over here, many gave me advice on how to modify my outdated outfit, they just don't seam to be forthcoming via this method
  9. for UK conditions (mud, rain, more mud, etc) they are popular on many model, many betas come with them as standard (for UK models)
  10. british sporting sidecar association i think they had a club in many centres (there was once one down here in the south east) there is still one in the western (or wessex ???) centre running events can't say i know about cheshire / north wales centre
  11. why knoblies on the chair wheel? - all the ones over here just have a road (smooth?) tyre intresting chair design, esecailly the handle!!! i'm just a beginer sidecar guy so i'm not one to proclaim to know the answer one of the things that have changed over here since the 60's is chair design allows the passanger to be more mobile my chair is from late 90's / early 2000's and had a footpeg on the rear wheel spindle for the passanger, that idea is now old hat and most have moved (and i've had metal work done to enable it) to have a platform further back, allowing the passanger to be further back changing the centre of gravity. we've also had a handle over the rear mudgaurd to give the passanger something to hold onto
  12. tyres all state wether they are "tubed" or tubeless" (often marked "TT" or "TL") the X11 and MT43 became TT/TL (ie both) several years ago IRC were still making two types i can't recal the answer for dunlop, mitas or vee rubber (but a good search online or physically reading the tyre wall should answer the question)
  13. rabie


    broadly speaking there are 4 "tiers" of tyres a) michelin x light - most expensive because its lighter b) michelin x11 / dunlop D803GP / IRC - dunlop is great on rocks, unsellable in the south, IRC is great on mud, X11 is most popular and a great alrounder c) pirelli mt43 - good for lots of road work, used to have a reputation for being good on frozen soil, not so good off road d) the cheap ones - vee rubber / mitas - cheap and chearfull, not particualry good for competive trials, but not terrible either. cheng shing list a trials pattern but i've not seen one (so can't say). NB1 - Bridgestone used to make a "trailwing" or something (discontined about 10+ years ago). NB2 - Maxxis make a "trailmaxx" for the KTM freeride (see other thread), its not a "legal" trials tyre (it's block spacing dosen't comply) but you might get away with it if only practicing, etc
  14. we use either coloured curtain sider material (old skool banner material) or printed banner material to make 4"/100mm squares that are stapled to wooden sticks or the numerious trees we have. if done right it survies being riden over, etc - printed banner is the wrong colour on the back. one local club have gone further and printed them as trianlges to make the gates more obvious/clear. we used to use some sort of HIPS (a plastic) but they needed armoured piercing staples and had a tendency to ping off when hit way back in the day we used card/paper, i know "Stacey's and Sons" still sell this, and some club use it - it tears really easy, crap in the wet, etc many clubs have gone down the easisest and cheapest route (as mentioned above) - surveryors flags (one company is "york survey") - they are very flimsey, not universally loved, but very cheap and off the shelf (ie no work!). ideally they would be of a much thicker gauge wire and a more substantial flag material but i'm not aware of anyone selling this off the shelf. some clubs have still got "pig tails", really got thick wire that allows you to insert card into - don't think there is anyone selling predone pig tails (in metal) - when this has come up before other clubs mentioned buying wire and bending around rigs. I've seen Witley MCC use plastic one (no idea where from).
  15. the listing on enduro tyres (a shop in hampshire) show the sticker on the tyre (the rear) that say "TL" (ie tubeless) so it should. obvisuly there was the recent IRC issue where some IRC tyres wouldn't seal proprely on some new rims (since been resolved) - see https://www.endurotyres.com/product/maxxis-trial-maxx/ Looking further Cambrian Tyres (a major tyre distributor to shops) shows (see http://www.cambriantyres.co.uk/maxxis/trialmaxx-m7319-m7320/ ) the rear is tubeless and front is tubed. i take it if you can't get michelin x lights or X11 and dunlop D803, you've tried Prielli MT43, IRC, and even Mitas ?
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