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  1. Safely transport my Beta Evo 200

    I used to carry my trials bike on a trailer . the easiest way I found , was to have 2 x loops in trailer floor (providing base is good) made with good strong webbing / strap material . determine what length they need to be with suspension about half / three quarters compressed . wheel bike onto trailer , put 1 loop over footrest pull bike to opposite side - put 2nd loop over footrest .make sure straps are on pivot part of footrests , not on sharp serrated part . just a couple of secondary straps to bars or frame . if in any doubt , where loops go over footrests , use a wear sleeve or pad to stop loops getting worn . hoe this makes sense .
  2. Wheel Bearing Spinning In The Hub. . .

    hi , depeding on how bad the hub is , you could either use bearing fit , made by locktite or similar . or if really excessive clearance , you may have to get hub machined and fit a sleeve or find a secondhand hub/wheel . hope this helps .
  3. Who, Where And When Is This?

    i think picture 32 is Mike Skinner .
  4. Fantic

  5. Fantic

    hi , this one looks like chris sutton to me , great pictures .