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  1. austini

    Sherco TY 125

    For the price they are awesome bikes, negatives: down on power, tyres are crap need changing to a X11 also the rears tubed, front header pipe a little vulnerable but mines been converted so ok now. rear brake lever is crap. positives: price, electric start, easy to ride without a clutch, for a lower grade rider it will save you heaps of points over a Factory 300, if your ability level is a 1M log its just as easy to get over as on a 250 2st. Just add petrol and away you go.
  2. Hi I have a specialist looking at my battery however he would like a schematic of the wiring inside a EM 5.7 battery. I'm getting conflicting information on the exact makeup of the battery, has the battery 13 cells only, 13 cells with a 14th cell that controls the relay or 14 X 4V cells with the 1st cell also controlling the relay? This Battery has had a Neptune BMS fitted that although very clever it does keep on tripping the solenoid regardless off the multitude of settings and parameters I have tried to resolve the issue. I have decided to have a more basic BMS fitted but unfortunately the wiring is a bit hit and miss at the moment hence the request for a detailed schematic.
  3. Hi, recommendation for the best C15T Sprocket combination for trials use, no road work mainly tight and twisty stuff standard C15T rear wheel.
  4. austini

    C15T Query

    Hi all, couple of questions I have a 62 C15T, is there such a beast as a 20inch front Trials tire still being produced? Also it has a very tired monobloc should I refurbish it and buy a new slide, gaskets etc: or bite the bullet and buy a new one for 165quid.
  5. I use a guard on the throttle side of my sidecar outfit as a lot of 2M sidecar gates have a nasty habit of having a tree or 2ft rock stuck right in the middle of them, square peg round hole syndrome usually results in a lot of RH scraping to achieve the aim. If you saw the damage on the guard and think of the damage that would of been inflicted on my fingers and gloves its a wise investment
  6. Very capable and under rated bike, things to check: condition of the frame around the footrests they can be prone to bending. Electrics (CDI unit) mine did go and needed replacing so check for a good spark. The rear of the airbox isn't the best so check that it is fit for purpose. Enjoy!
  7. Awesome! starting from scratch you have done a great job, now to get out there and scratch it....errr enjoy it. When your learning just getting to a section is an achievement so getting from one end to the other of a solo section should keep you busy for a season or two.
  8. So no words of wisdom from our sidecar fraternity, I would of thought any advise to assist and newbies or perspective newbies might have been a useful. I know when we started the first few months was defiantly a period when wondered what we had done. so if anyone out there know of any training sources please pass them on.
  9. Rabie, Aussie chair designs are different, fully enclosed floor pan, little space between the chair and bike etc: lots of different people building different chairs that comply with our rules so lots of diverse designs. Some have footpegs over the rear spindle our chair has the floor pan further to the rear to achieve the aim however the passengers weight is not on the rear wheel just the chair. One chair used to articulated so the rider could set the chair angle on the move and ride more like a solo?? We still ride nonstop so we do hop more this is mainly due to our sections being designed around the solo sections which are tighter.
  10. Hi Guys and Girls, how about some talk about your chair setups, and any Eureka moments you've had or techniques to share. Lots of solo techniques available on line and in print but I've yet to see no sidecar technique vids or found any technique advise, how about we share our positive and negative experiences on this forum. Setup: What do you find is the best set up for the chair suspension? on a solo the front and rear should compress equally when you push down on the pegs whats ideal for chair? We have only 10-15 chairs that's regularly compete in Aus and their suspension are set up from super soft to super hard there is defiantly no one size fits all. Eureka Moments: Having the passenger squat over the rear wheel and pop a small wheelie with or without the sidecar brake......instant 90 deg turn to the left :). Keeping the steering strait up a slow left hill climb and using the sidecar brake to veer left whilst the rider concentrates on traction and throttle control.
  11. austini

    Seat / Tank unit

    I have a Shedworks unit on the way, when I queried the price difference between the advertised one Paul said it now has a separate tank
  12. The operating lever has been extended this smooths out the clutch action, to tell the truth I have had three of these little 4ST's in my time and have never had no problem with the clutch. Riding these machines improved my riding mainly because I didn't need a clutch so much, and it improved my technique because I learnt to unweight more effectively to make up for the lack of ground clearance.
  13. No Herion just Beer Must be just an expat thing naming your pets after a legend! Somehow calling a Rottie 'Bou' just doesn't cut it......
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