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  1. I'm also thinking of changing. I ride here in France, GasGas 280 and a Yamaha WRF250 dirt, both of which I love, but feel more and more out of place with the climate, petrol burning and the noise to local countryside. I switched last year to an electric car. I rode an Electric Motion last week, with a clutch, and instantly felt well with the bike. The clutch was a bit unnecessary but as has been said above, it's habit. Is Electric Motion the only ones in production at the moment?
  2. Big thanks to you all for the advice on here, what a great forum. O rings on their way and a tin of Heldite; couldn't find any rim tape without valve so ordered one and ready to face the challenge. Thanks guys.
  3. Is the rim tape the same for tubeless and tubed wheels, or is one sticky?
  4. I see Heldite doesn't come cheap. Do you think any gasket sealant would do?
  5. Hi All, I have a 2003 Edition that's showing her age and I'm finding it difficult to find parts, plus I live in France, so it's also a question of vocabulary. I'm currently looking for the two o rings that sit inside the exhaust muffler as it is blowing there between the muffler and box. Plus I have a tubeless rear tyre which is new but still leaking air from two of the spokes so want to replace the tape that sits inside but where to find this? Tried all my local shops but nothing and searched on line. Any suggestions please?
  6. How do I find out what fluid to use in the clutch of my 2003 Edition, the lid on the reservoir has been changed for a blue one? Thanks.
  7. Very pleased I posted this question here, the replies and views are very encouraging and the right way forward. Thanks, guys.
  8. All good replies, thanks. Doing something together is very much part of this. He's not doing well at school, lack of interest more than anything and hoping this can find common ground instead of me pushing him all the time. His idea to do trials. We'll start looking with the above in mind.
  9. Any suggestions as to what to buy my 13 yr old lad who would like to start riding and getting into trials? Thanks.
  10. Just bought a Renault Trafic, H1L1. It has a wooden floor but that's all. Any suggestions how I go fitting it out, which I've never done before, so that I have have some secure storage. Photos would be ace. Thanks.
  11. Thanks oni nou for all your time on this. I've tried to contact Braktech all morning but no response and have now spoken to Trials and Tribulations, expensive on delivery but they have the parts so I've ordered. Cheers.
  12. I contacted Braketech who said Thank you for the inquiry Kevin Sorry to advise we do not offer OE replacement components for your GasGas...Ferodo brake pads only. Please let us know if we may be of further assistance.
  13. Reply from dherbeymoto - Unfortunately this kit is no longer available at GasGas for several years now, there is no solution, sorry. The only solution is to put the GasGas caliper replacement kit but the price is high.
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