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  1. Many thanks got it sorted droped the carb inlet a bit used 5mm fuel pipe for trials bikes and it went rond realy well ONE WORD OF WARNING to anyone with black pipe the new E10 fuel had eaten it alive the inside has rotted away almost filling the fuel filter
  2. hi im just refreshing the scorpa for a trial soon but noticed the fuel hose is rock hard and shrunk so going to replace but tank side has a 90 degree bend and looks tight to the tank has anyone used straight hose and got away with it many thanks rick
  3. Trouble is i can do a track day in my car but cant go praticing i love trials but need a fix i know a few pratice tracks that are waiting for the ACU that i think is wrong low numbers pre booked and lets get out before we loose a lot of riders
  4. quick update soaked the gasket inwater for a bit got it to fit put the bolts in to hold it in place will let it dry out for day or so and see what hapens might glue it in place with a bit of sealant
  5. hi im rebuilding a gasgas txt280 pro 2006 and all ok but the crankcase gasket is just to tight as it goes around the crankshaft i have tried 3 gaskets all the same any idears
  6. hi returned to trials and love it but missing something just cant ride as i should si could do with a few hours lessons do anyone know if there is anyone that do lessons near oxfordshire in the next month or two many thanks rick
  7. i use splat https://www.splatshop.co.uk/formula-rear-brake-calliper-seal-kit.html
  8. there are a few pratice tracks for trials around you and weedon has a few good sections https://www.acu.org.uk/centres-clubs/centres/South-Midland/default.aspx
  9. x11 or dunlop looks good but will change it forks are fully up top will go for tyre and bars forward and give it a try so i know whats doung what i do yus the clutch but it is a bit snappy will have a play with that many thanks for the pointers
  10. Many thanks will try that i am using the clutch will move the bars and have a try
  11. hi i have just returned to trials scorpa 280 im 57 been off the trials since the early 90s and did my first trial today and loved it getting better every section but there is one thing that i cant get right i can turn tight on off camber ok but turn tight on the flat and the front wants to push away from me tried leaning the bike over a bit more helped but was still bad running 5psi in the tyre was tacky conditions
  12. i use to race speedway and the tread is very low and large squares they are now designed not to grip i can get loads free but would be us for a trials bike
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