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  1. x11 or dunlop looks good but will change it forks are fully up top will go for tyre and bars forward and give it a try so i know whats doung what i do yus the clutch but it is a bit snappy will have a play with that many thanks for the pointers
  2. Many thanks will try that i am using the clutch will move the bars and have a try
  3. hi i have just returned to trials scorpa 280 im 57 been off the trials since the early 90s and did my first trial today and loved it getting better every section but there is one thing that i cant get right i can turn tight on off camber ok but turn tight on the flat and the front wants to push away from me tried leaning the bike over a bit more helped but was still bad running 5psi in the tyre was tacky conditions
  4. i use to race speedway and the tread is very low and large squares they are now designed not to grip i can get loads free but would be us for a trials bike
  5. hi im just returning to trials at 57 and to be honet i just dont have any spare time i would love to help out but it would mean i would have to miss riding that month i must admite there are to many routes its to confusing what with 50/50 etc stick to 3
  6. Had a great day the scorpa was great realy loved it junped on an 07 gasgas and didnt realy feel it was a better bike the scorpa does need a 9 front sprocket its got a quick action twist grip and i liked it but a shorter gear lever is a must the only part i hated was changing gear realy had trouble finding the lever but a new one on order and back out in a few weeks many thanks for all the advice
  7. Ready for Pratice on sunday at Nash Mills pratice sundy at NashMills
  8. im going to leave a bottle of water at one of the sections and drink every lap
  9. Yes Many thnks stick with the old tyres and save for a good set i use to use mitas on grasstrack with great results but IRS or x11s
  10. hi new back to trials at the moment just going to do some praticing but later will do a few events starting easy route and work my way up but will need a new set of tyres x11 seem ott but im sure worth it are the mitas any good as a pair are only just over £100 use to use mt43 and liked those
  11. Pulled it apart and not to bad had to straightern the frame by the footrests need to get the silencer welded std trials thing and drill one bolt out of the forks spindle clamp a goodtidy up and its ready going out on it next weekend at nash mills but a very happy bunny
  12. Many thanks its only £1200 so got a lot to play with power is no problem as that use to be my job so a flywheel weight and adjust the port timing and ignition i did love the lack of linkage will pop up saturday and get it 6 hour round trip
  13. I just coming back into trials after a long stay away and have a chance of a scorpa sr280 2011 and cant find out much about they are they any good and any problems i should look out for
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