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  1. https://betausa.com/2021-evo-200/
  2. You might be lean on pilot circuit. On mine, I ended up going up two sizes to a 50, and (usually) my air screw is still only 1 turn out.
  3. Congrats!!!!! Retirement is great!
  4. Not sure about 2018, but for 2019 they revised the crankshaft for less vibration, changed the cylinder head, revised the CDI, and the biggest change was a revised clutch that has a much light lever pull.
  5. Yes, Beta Evo cable works fine. A bit shorter than the original one (on 2019 model), but not a problem.
  6. I measured what came out of my new 2019, it was approx. 575 cc. Manual is wrong.
  7. No, I'm not a "want to be". If I'm going to aspire to something other than myself, it certainly won't be "owner of a motorcycle that pop's out of gear". "I have ridden about 40 events on my 2016 and it never has. I did miss a shift once this year!" Using your logic, if my bike won't start, and yours does, the problem doesn't exist.
  8. "Four stroke by a mile. Two strokes can sound a bit more intrusive but they are nowhere near as loud and the sound carries much further. Of course there will be exceptions but the 4RT is loud. Don't know about the beta. " I agree with this, we had a property owner who let us ride on his land. Noise was never an issue until I bought a 4rt, then land owner was concerned about noise because of the Montesa. "Starting in 2018 the standard Beta 4T is no longer the quiet sewing machine that it used to be." I agree with this also. I don't know if it's the year, or the difference in the Factory version. But the older std Beta 4t were SUPER quiet. A new Factory one in the area, not the case, it's rather obnoxious.
  9. If it's not an issue as you seem to be insinuating, why did the factory change the gear cam?
  10. I put the new updated gear cam in my 2016. It has popped out of gear. Only once so far though. I have friends with 2018 Factory's and their bikes pop out of gear. "Popping out of gear", in this case, is the same as "Popping into neutral". If you look at the updated cam vs the original design, there is nothing changed to make it harder to go into neutral.
  11. I've had 4 Evo's 2Ts, and they have all had issues popping out of gear, both 1st and 2nd. It always seems to happen shortly after putting it in gear. So before I enter the section I try to ride around a bit in the gear I will be usuing. That has greatly reduced the popping out at a critical time.
  12. Well I would have have to disagree with your assessment of the parts availabilty for Beta trials bikes in the US. In fact, I'm usually surprised that no matter what I order, they almost always have it in stock. Plus, the prices are usually quite reasonable on most items (OEM parts, NOT accessories. They do gouge on accessories). Even when I ordered a real oddball item that had to come from Italy, it arrived pretty quickly. I'm not sure what your specific situation was, but if the part is backordered from the factory, that's not the importer's fault, nor is there much they can do about it. I have also heard of Beta USA going above and beyond to help out customers or warranty something they didn't HAVE to. Regarding the fenders, I found they were brittle on the 2011 and earlier models, but I have yet to break one on the years since, and yes I have had my bike straight up and down, and the fender bent past 90 degrees, multiple times, and low and behold, they didn't break. Are they as flexible as the other brands? NO. Have they gotten better in recent years? I believe so based on my experiences.
  13. I have had Spanish Fly spark arrestors on 4 different bikes. I have never been questioned on the 'legality' of them.
  14. They are a pain to clean properly, which involves removing the silencer end as you are aware. You can do a cleaning from the outside with some carb cleaner or wd-40 and a rag. I still remove it to clean thoroughly occasionally, but this can extend the interval somewhat. But the biggest help to keeping it clean I have found is the type of fuel used. I was noticing a slight miss or sputter down low with spark arrestor, as soon as one day of riding after cleaning it. I would clean the spark arrestor and it would go away. So I started running race gas, and the problem has gone away.
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