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  1. Cheers for help people it were reed valve gasket had shat it's pants all good now.
  2. Hiya I've got a sherco st300 2016 I was riding one day and everything was fine I washed it started it after a week and floats were stuck managed to sort that cleaned all jets too fully cleaned. Now I have a problem where the bike while rev uncontrollably high with the choke turned on. And will only turn on with choke on. Switch choke off and I can keep it going with blipping the throttle it'll rev high and come back down sound but when I let go it will not idle whatsoever and it feels like the idle screw is doing feck all. So to sum it up revs like the ******* is gonna blow up with choke on and then will not idle with it off Could do with some help cheers
  3. Thanks lineaway he's on with making a new woodruff key out of an old spanner ! He says it needs to be hardened and that's why he's using an old spanner ! I'd rather he bought one but it's hard to stop him when he gets going. Thing is he bought me the bike so I could have a go at trials, says he is not spending a fortune on one till I've proved I can handle one and am going to stick at it , it hasn't ran on full throttle since I've had it !
  4. My dads a heavy goods mechanic and auto electrician, he has began looking at it, he says that the woodruff key on the crankshaft/flywheel has sheard putting all the timing out. He's had the stator off and tested and cleaned but cannot find any timing marks to time it correctly. He marked it in the original position but says someone has had it in bits before and he's not sure if it has been timed up in the correct position. Does any body know of any timing marks or measurements ? Thanks
  5. Ive just bought a beta synt and it wont rev high.it will fine until it gets avout half way.at first my dad thought it was the carb. So ive fitted thw new carb and no change. Would anyone please be able to help!THANK YOU
  6. jamiemarshall283


    This is an album to record how i progress at trials riding, hopefully recording from being a beginner to hopefully being a decent trials rider
  7. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions, my dad already bought the bike for me and I've done a couple of trial experience days! I would of preferred a newer bike to be honest but my dad wants me to wreck an old one first he says! I wanted a Moto x originally but my dad turned my head to trials as he says any one can go fast but there is more art and skill in trials ! I watched a couple of you tube clips and did an experience day and I'm hooked ! No doubt i will need to ask more questions along the way so will probably be on here regularly. My dads a pretty awesome mechanic and has worked on alsorts and wouldn't let me on it if I wasn't right ! Thanks for your info and help guys
  8. ive just bought a bike off ebay which looked good. i think its a beta synt but not sure would anyone confirm what it actually is
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