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  1. Thanks for all the replies! I rode the bike the past 3 days. Here in in Western Wa we have some incredibly tight singletrack that I always knew a trials bike would be great on...and it was! But I broke my front fender on a tree branch. The structural part attached to the fork tubes is fine just the front part of the fender tore off. I guess I'll go for a gas gas fenders based on everyone's recommendation. Where do you buy parts from for these machines? I can't find the "Rocky MTN atvmc" website of the trials world so I was just gonna go through the dealer...is there anywhere else to buy this stuff? Thanks for all the info!!
  2. Man it's kinda sad about the fenders because I personally think the 17 beta is one of the best looking bikes I've ever seen. Yep I live in Washington state. There's a dealer about 30 min from where I live. Hopefully it doesn't take them 6 months to get parts that's unsat! I'll ask him about that. I'm pretty good about preemptively buying parts like brake pads and tires so I'm gonna buy some today. Are there any specific tools I should buy? I remember watching a video of mounting a tubeless tire and the dude had some kind of foam looking hoop that he was using to make a seal between the tire and the rim before he inflated it? Thanks for the responses I wouldn't have known this stuff if not!
  3. ? Put some wings on that thing the next time you send it airborne it won't hit the ground as hard
  4. Dang! Is there any better aftermarket options? I guess if plastics is the only issue then I won't be able to complain much...that's way better than anything engine or suspension related!
  5. I have a 2T. Thanks for the info...I was unaware the rear fender was bad! I'll try to find a cheap aftermarket one. Where do you guys get your parts for these bikes?
  6. So I got a great deal on a factory Evo from a local shop. I'm getting it resprung for my weight (225lbs), fork guards and bar ends. My question for you Beta experts is, does it need anything else? And, are there any design issues with the bike I should be aware of? Lastly, what parts are good to have on hand for the bike (air filters, oil drain plug washer, etc)? Any recommendations welcome!! BTW my background is trail riding 300 KTM's and I'm fine doing maintenance work on the bike myself!
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