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  1. Hi Feetup,

    What premix ratio do you use in your M49?  Right now I'm using Spectro semi at 50:1 and it's running rich

    1. feetupfun


      The standard carby is notorious for running rich due to rapid wear of the needle jet and needle. When the carby is in tip top shape they run great with the standard carby.

      I run 50:1 with an Aussie semi synth Penrite

  2. fxadamo

    M49 Carb leak

    Yes, I do have the fibre washer at the bottom. Looked like the gas was coming from the top of the banjo filter. Going to try a little sealant as Feetupfun said. Thanks!
  3. fxadamo

    M49 Carb leak

    The bolt appears to tighten fine, I'll try a little sealant first before ordering a whole kit. And I'll try the BP6ES plug. Thanks!
  4. fxadamo

    M49 Carb leak

    After finishing up my 1970 M49, when I turned on the gas, I get a leak from the top of the banjo fuel filter (white area). In the parts book looks like there is no gasket between that and the float bowl , just the filter. I already replace the the o-rings and bowl gasket so I'm guessing I need a new filter/and or a float needle? It still has the original plastic needle in it. One last thing, would a NGK B6ES (.021 gap) plug be the right one to use? Thanks
  5. Nice! Two very clean bikes there!
  6. Thanks, already using some I found here. Good site!
  7. Just joined Trials Central. I have a 1970 M49 Sherpa that I'm getting back on the dirt( may have questions eventually!). I also have a 1977 Cota 348 that I use for vintage trials in central and southern Calif.
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