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  1. Relieved to be able to say the stator came back from Bradford ignitions this week who suspected it had suffered some water damage. Been out for a good few hours today and its never missed a beat.
  2. Tried venting the tank, tried running it with choke on, changed plug. Was advised by a good gasgas guru to send the stator to Bradford ignition services so that went this morning. p****d off with it tbh, and im told its a common fault with this type of system on this year of bike.
  3. Fan works but speeds up with engine revs
  4. Its a 2017 gasgas txt 250 Runs smoothly for about 15 minutes then starts to act up Suspect the stator
  5. So i thought my new to me gasgas had a problem with the carb but ive checked it out and reset it perfectly. The bike runs spot on for about 20 mins and then starts misfiring and pinking. Guessing the fault is electrical, Any ideas?
  6. Thanks Read your post and tbh it looks like it was set up right apart from the float height which in my opinion was too high. Ive set the needle clip in the middle but am i right in saying the air screw is only 1 turn out on yours? Out on fri so will see if its made a difference
  7. My new to me 2017 gasser carb looks like someone had been messing with it. Tried searching google for correct settings and set floats according to splat shop website. Does anyone have the factory settings for a keihin pwk 28 gasser 250 carb? Mines 45 pilot, 125 main, 3.5 slide and jjh needle on middle clip (was on 2nd) mix screw 2 turns out. Thanks
  8. Changing the seals in my sons 2011 sherco 250 and cant find any info on how much oil they need. Anyone help???
  9. Possibly although at the moment im enjoying owning it
  10. Yes thanks, it was Dave who confirmed it was sold by Mackenzie motorcycles of darlington.
  11. Thanks for replying but i know what model it is and because the bike has stayed local im trying to trace its history.
  12. Im trying to find out the history of my bultaco, its had quite a few modifications done to the rear end and wondered if anyone has info on it. I do know it was sold new in darlington and had been garaged locally for a lot of years. Ive given it a partial restoration and check over so it can be ridden.
  13. Mines a used bike, Think sprockets have been changed from originals so thought id check on here. Seems to rev out quickly between shifts otherwise ok, 1st is pointless tho, will check whats fitted tomorrow
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