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  1. Are there holes in the flywheels? If there are I suppose this could be put into the holes to stop the crankshaft pinching too much when you press the halves together?
  2. Yup the hot glue is the factory way. I removed the metal grills and replaced them with door fly mesh which I then super glued into the guard.
  3. You could buy a timing light like the Accuspark SP8000. This has a rev counter function which works off a clamp off the spark plug lead. Also has a 2/4 Stroke selector switch so you dont have to do the maths!
  4. Did you lube the beader up? I cover the beader in tyre soap and put extra in the well in which I put the beader in. Makes it slide out really nicely.
  5. Think the first Raga was 2005 and only in 300? Someone more knowledgeable should be able to confirm. The Raga racing might just be the decal kit that was available at the time / a Raga mudguard has been fitted.
  6. I extend the mudguards with a thick rubber flap, its solid enough to keep in place but also bendy enough to allow a bit of flexibility in case of disaster!
  7. Whoops got confused of which forum I was in. Updated my post.
  8. https://www.sherco.com/en/download/manuals 450cc people will recommend all sorts of oils. ATF / Putoline Nano / GP10 etc. Manual says 10w40 Edited to point to Sherco stuff not Gasser.
  9. rcgods

    Bits to carry

    That's the Scott trial not the SSDT.
  10. Like @chappo says the nose weight is an issue. Even modern trials bikes are too heavy for a lot of cars
  11. Trials and tribulations have one in stock it looks like. £70.56 full kit for whole engine
  12. Jitsie do a replacement screw with more meat on the top of the bolt so should be stronger.
  13. You can remove the headlight and then remove the box off the headlight and mount it to a front number board with bolts. This is the way Beta UK tell you to do it for the SSDT. Unplug the lights but don't remove the wiring. Dead easy. The connector to the headlight is the one at the bottom. Map switch at the top. Kill switch on the far right. Main harness connector on the left and right. This is the rear view. When fitted all this faces the headstock.
  14. https://betausa.com/content/SUPPORT_PDF's/1998%20Techno%20250%202%20stroke.pdf That is a parts manual for the bike
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