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  1. Hi if you turn up the idle speed on a vertigo it doesn’t shut off as quick , runs on just a thought
  2. Did you turn the idle up on the stop adjuster behind the exhaust ?
  3. That’s interesting, thanks , where did you get the map from did you say ?
  4. I have the r2 and it’s a great bike . I too ran beta 250, for years. in my opinion the r2 is a cross between a beta and a 315 Montesa best of both
  5. This is true , I put 100 mlt into 20 ltr fully synthetic oil . im going to experiment with the map , I reckon if I advance the ignition slightly it will raise the temp of the plug and maybe keep it cleaner / hotter problem is , I really like how it runs and don’t want to change it ! It grips and does everything it should in the trial. just need a spare plug with you !
  6. Brill bikes . Defiantly an issue with sooting of plugs . Put a no 4 in and it’s black in an hour or so ? Then conks after 4to 5 hrs when practicing. Vertigo R 250 any ideas anybody??
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