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  1. Sounds daft, but check the rubber seal on the inside of the filler cap hasn’t dropped out whilst refuelling......
  2. What about Pre-War bikes, are there any of note that are known of?
  3. ..... that’s why I chose registration not bike. I’m guessing that any bike still in existence which still has a registration on is the last incarnation of whatever “works” bike it was on?
  4. Yes, registration plate. Like GOV 132
  5. Jitsie have done a short video with Doug and his four SSDT winning bikes, mud’n all. This got me thinking, what other winning bikes are still out there past or present? What’s the oldest, which bike has the most wins to it’s registration etc? Be it SSDT, nationals, internationals. How many are ridden and how many are in museums/private collections? Before anyone lists their modern bike’s club trial victories for the last 5 years...... don’t!
  6. Thanks for your concern over whether I should “mess” with my bike or not, I didn’t necessarily intend to alter my bike. As you can see from the post it wasn’t specific to a certain cc, more just a general query as to whether anyone had tried it and what effect it has? I had basically been riding back to back a very-very soft bike along with my 250 & it was a thought that perhaps people have altered motors above what the fixed maps offer? It seems fairly common amongst other non FI marques. Vertigo UK sell both high and low compression heads (but only for the 300) also a flywheel weight kit which I presume fits both cc. I’d be interested to know how you find yours “theluckyone”. Might just be me but I find the engine braking effect (possibly from the FI) greater on my Vertigo than on any previous 2 strokes I’ve ridden, presumably this would lessen with the flywheel weight as well as slowing the ability to rev up
  7. Hi As the title says, has anyone tried softening a Vertigo, (of any cc) by either adding an additional base gasket or a head insert? If so was there a discernible change and how does the alteration work with the fixed EFI maps?
  8. Hi Has anyone got a good base suggestion for fork oil weight and the amount for Cub heavyweight (earlier internal spring type) forks? Haynes manual says 150ml SAE 30. Cheers Jon
  9. I'm thinking of building a spare rear wheel for a 1958 T20c, would this have had a standard or wide rear hub? Or could someone please tell me the width of each so I can measure what's in there to get another one the same size.
  10. Another vote for the 250 from me. Had a '97Mont 315r and '12 Beta 250 before the Vertigo. Bike feels much easier to static balance on. Has plenty of (useable, manageable) power, the maps do change the engine characteristics. I rode in a muddy (U.K.) southern trial recently, pulled 4th in sections no problem and had bucket loads of grip. Riding practice sections at another venue I found big(ish) steps easier than the Beta. Vertigo UK have been very good to deal with. Not had any issues with the bike so far. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend, but as always try before you buy!!
  11. jonnyjibs

    Fuel mixture

    I've just bought a handful of 30ml plastic syringes so I can accurately measure my premix oil!
  12. jonnyjibs

    Fuel mixture

    I questioned this with Nick at VertigoUK, as there was a discrepancy between the 200:1 (25ml/5 litres) or 0.5% and the manual, which states 0.75% which works out at 133:1. Nick confirmed the 200:1 ratio as being the correct mixture.
  13. Thanks vinnied, I've had the wheel out, so I'll loosen off fork bottoms and check it's all sitting right as you suggest. I initially nipped them up whilst off the ground. Samwisemcg, I can only compare to fairly modern forks. The oldest being standard TY175. Obviously, compared to those they aren't all that. Lift the front wheel off the ground and they clunk, but they go up and down when you want them to. As I'm not wanting to take the bike too far from "stock pre 65" they will remain untouched.
  14. Hi I have a 1958 Cub with what I believe are the original hub, spindle, spacers into heavyweight forks. There is a gap that I'm questioning on the opposite side to the drum. Am I missing a spacer? Should the hub pull through further when I tighten the nut on the drum up? Or does it just have a gap!?
  15. Yes, just after midday. Very pleased with it, although I've not been further than the bottom of the garden. Really noticed a difference between maps on the slippy stuff. As you have said in another post, top service from Nick and VertigoUK, top team.
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