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  1. I also had a 2019 Vertigo. I confirm what @the dabster said. I also had a Montesa 4rt and you definetely have to put more energy in the way you kick.. Lot more strenght. What I never solved was the tendency of my 2019 Vertigo kickstarter lever to not fully return to the upright position... Tried changing the oil seal, tried greasing it, tried degreasing it, tried filing down the kickstart shaft with ultra fine sandpaper... But nothing helped. It improved a little when the engine got hot.... Go figure.
  2. Vertigo went batteryless in 2017 and never looked back... Everybody says this way the bike starts much better. I would update the system to the batteryless harness instead...
  3. sergioNMD

    Vertical R 2020

    Still, too many colors... Other than that, I'm sure it will be a wonderful riding machine...
  4. I also had the chance to ride the new E Pure race model today, and I feel exactly like you did! Having a conventional hydraulic clutch is a major advantage, it makes you feel right at home! Stabily, maneuvrability and the extra precise throttle response gives mega traction. I basically used only the soft map, the racing/red map was brutal, the bike would pop into a wheelie with only a little turn of the throttle... Only for pros! They really did a great job, the improvement is unbelievable.... Top end model with top components is said to be around 10.000€...
  5. sergioNMD

    TRRS 2020 model

    I saw it in person at the EICMA fair in Milan... It is actually an orangeish kind of red. Looks better when you see it in person!
  6. sergioNMD

    250 or 300

    Vertigo spare parts are sooo expensive... You could do that but it would cost an arm and a leg. For a couple of € you can buy a slow action throttle, or have your bike mapped differently.
  7. sergioNMD


    Not quite yet but I'm working on it.... The help from this forum is unbeatable!
  8. sergioNMD


    Yes, @steviet you are correct. My motorbike had a much bigger problem, which was fixed, several parts were changed under warranty after speaking with the aftersales department in Spain. Now the bike runs almost perfect and I figure it would be "part of the game" to fine tune it to make it run like I think it is the correct way. It's a learning process which I find very interestig and amusing. But you are correct, I should not be forced to buy the tuning device... And I am not :-) It's like a game to me, albeit an expensive one :-( @tcrhino I only lightly spray with Motorex filter oil like I did for the past several years, so I doubt that could be the problem....
  9. sergioNMD


    Yes, I've seen the promotional video from Vertigo but that's just that, a promotional video, I was hoping for an instruction manual to come with the device. If that's not the case, you just gave me a very nice tip! Thanks again @lowbrow
  10. sergioNMD


    Very interesting. That's the kind of informations I was looking for and couldn't find anywhere. Off I go to spend my 260€ ? Thank you @lowbrow
  11. sergioNMD


    Hello all, has anyone bought and experimented with the Athena Wificom for 2018/2019 Vertigo? I was thinking about buying the device, as my 2019 Vertical 300 keeps running rich even on dry map, the spark plug gets sooty and overall the bike feels like it's running too rich at high revs (four stroking). Air filter is always clean, tried different new spark plugs, fuel is 100 octane, fresh, 0,5% Motul 800 oil. Dealer says bike is ok, which is 99,5% true, but I was thinking about turning the "carburation " leaner with the Wificom device. Any experience/advice? Thanks in advance!
  12. Perfect! Thanks a lot @tcrhino!!
  13. Yes, I see. The problem is that I don't have a Vertical R handy to disassembly at the moment, that's why I'm asking A picture would really sort me out.
  14. Ok, found it. Thanks! V-1616 breather box How do you figure out how it's fitted inside the airbox?
  15. I can't see the breather box you are talking about. Are you referring to the Vertical R 2019 part list? The Vertigo mechanic says it's normal to shed oil during extreme conditions, but still I would prefer not to get the bike so greasy.... The oil level is as you said, 375 ml which translates into roughly 3/4 up the sight glass...
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