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  1. Not wanting to revisit the much talked about issue of Fantic frames with cracks / movement at the steering head, as that as been covered many times previously. The lower frame tubes under the engine are also prone to bending and in some cases flattening slightly against the underside of the engine cases - see attached images. The two images are of two different bike circa 1984. Both have been hit from underneath, and then hammered from above to allow access to remove the casing. I believe most Fantics were fitted with a plastic sump guard originally. Looking at images of refurbished bikes, none of them have this issue, and the engine cases are well clear of the frame tubes, as they should be. Is it a case of looking for a bike with tubes that have not been abused (probably hard to find?) or can they be repaired successfully. I am aware of Fantic making frames with tubes within tubes for strength - does that apply only to the headstock area or the lower tubes under the engine? If the lower tubes are 'tube within a tube' it makes cutting and re-welding more tricky - and this is an area likely to be subject to impact loads at some point. Any thoughts or existing solutions would be welcome.
  2. Hello Have you bled the air out using the bleed bolt in the top of the cylinder head? Item 4 on diagram attached. I normally part fill and then turn the engine over by hand with the kickstart - not easy unless plug removed. Then top up and bleed at cylinder head. Coolant should be just covering the top of the radiator fins - visible check with a torch if you shine into the fill hole, but I just dip my little finger in to ensure an air gap remains.. If the pump impeller is O.K., it will rotate when you turn the engine over by hand - and can be seen with the impeller cover removed. Assuming no blockages in the coolant path through the hoses and engine, then coolant will circulate. Hope this helps
  3. TRS Fan


    I have heard about this fix from a number of people - apparently it works, although it sounds a bit iffy - and would need some care with the tyre levers when fitting the tyre.
  4. If you visit Steve Saunders website - saunders extreme, you can find all the parts manuals. look at the 2020 TRRS and you will find revised radiator cap. Hexagon proud of the cap body. Part number 13004TR100 £13.45
  5. Latest news from ACU - full report on their website. Practice days to be allowed. Will be interesting to see how this works with the numerous clubs and practice venues / club available land. Practice Permits. With effect 1st June, permit applications may be sent to the relevant Discipline Secretary to apply for a Practice Permit for practice events to commence from 8th June. It is stressed that this is not for competition but for practice only and participants aged 16 and above. A General Principles document and Risk Assessments pertaining to each discipline will be issued shortly which again will outline the control measures that must be put in place. Organisers may use this Risk Assessment or provide their own document, but in all circumstances a Risk Assessment must accompany a permit application to demonstrate that Control Measures put in place are suitable and sufficient and considered to be as low as is reasonably practicable to reduce the risk of infection and to maintain Social Distancing measures.
  6. If you look at the video on link below, it might help with a starting point for settings. Pat Smage has a Reiger shock fitted to his Sherco - all settings are personal, but the TRS and Sherco weight / linkages cannot be too different that his settings are not a good start. I assume that as there are only two settings - compression and rebound, that they expect people to start from minimum (zero?) dampening until they find what they like. My bike did come with very little dampening which I assume is standard factory set up. Interesting that the Reiger document for the hydro stop shock states that less damping means more grip but less control. Obviously some damping is needed, but it always surprises me how little dampening and fast rebound Toni Bou's bike seems to have. Then again he can ride a bit......
  7. If it was a design fault Adam Raga's bike would not make it through a single X trial event - assuming he has the same linkage fitted. Yes I know he uses a much higher spec. Reiger shock, but he often jumps down from 10 or 15 feet onto a concrete floor. Did the old shock still have some compression damping?
  8. I have struggled to find info regarding Reiger shock adjustments, and a fair few discussions on the same subject on here previously seem to suggest others have struggled also. The link below takes you to a Reiger pdf doc. posted by TRS USA, which may help with some setting info. Not specific setup as such, but explains the adjustments.
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    Battery vehicles are not really the solution for most vehicles. Imagine every household in the country (including blocks of flats with difficult parking) all with power cables charging every vehicle, every night. The national grid cannot support this and cannot be upgraded realistically in time..Hydrogen fuel cells are the way forwards. Lighter than batteries, around 5- 10 times the range - and can be filled up just like petrol via the existing petrol station network. All the large multinationals are already well on the road with this, mainly being lead by the Japanese and the likes of Toyota. JCB are heavily invested in ITM power in Sheffield. Amazon are leading the way in the states with hydrogen fuel cells in delivery vans - not batteries. Not heard of much on the bike front yet though. Checkout Ceres power, ITM Power, AFC energy, Proton Power systems and Plug power in the states. Plug power have very neat working fuel cells (piccies on website - and are working with Amazon and three or four other major couriers. Pity that the governments in the UK, Europe and the USA seem to be technically ignorant. Whilst on my soap box, Worcester Bosch already have a domestic boiler that will run on Hydrogen, and hydrogen can be pumped through the existing gas mains network. When someone finds a clean efficient way to extract hydrogen from seawater all will be well....
  10. TRRS great bike. Maybe lower the gearing if you ride old school. Plus two teeth on rear allows it to creep through sections without too much clutch if thats your thing. Totally reliable bike with fantastic suspension.
  11. A long shot I realise, but worth checking the sump bolts again. I had a similar problem and had nipped up the two rear countersunk screws by the footpads thinking they were tight. At a trial I parked my bike on a rock and noticed it was quieter when I started the engine whilst resting on the sump. Moved off the rock and the vibration noise came back. Once I had stripped and cleaned all the sump bolts and reassembled the bike was quiet again. I assume I had some grit under one of the bolts / sump plate that still allowed the sump plate to vibrate. As I say, very much a long shot, but worth a second check by removing and cleaning the countersunk screws and under the sump plate.
  12. If you look at the TRS UK website there is a questions and answers section that have replies from Steve Saunders. If you scroll down the list of comments you will find a post from Steve recommending 15mm of sag under the bikes own weight. Phone or email Steve Saunders if you want more clarification.
  13. TRS Fan

    TRRS 2020 model

    Latest TRRS model now released. Looked a bit orange at first viewing, but definitely growing on me. Appearance is obviously subjective.
  14. I am probably biased, but have had a 2017 TRRS and absolutely no problems. Build quality good. TRRS and standard one are different bikes. TRRS is definitely faster engine, but better suspension. Ridden most other makes and in my opinion, TRS are the best current trials bike. Plus they actually sound like a trials bike should!!
  15. Assume you are using higher octane unleaded such as shell V power to avoid pinking
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