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The wheels are starting to turn - ACU news


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Latest news from ACU - full report on their website. Practice days to be allowed. Will be interesting to see how this works with the numerous clubs and practice venues / club available land.


Practice Permits.  With effect 1st June, permit applications may be sent to the relevant Discipline Secretary to apply for a Practice Permit for practice events to commence from 8th June.  It is stressed that this is not for competition but for practice only and participants aged 16 and above.  


A General Principles document and Risk Assessments pertaining to each discipline will be issued shortly which again will outline the control measures that must be put in place. Organisers may use this Risk Assessment or provide their own document, but in all circumstances a Risk Assessment must accompany a permit application to demonstrate that Control Measures put in place are suitable and sufficient and considered to be as low as is reasonably practicable to reduce the risk of infection and to maintain Social Distancing measures.  

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Will be very interesting to see what the control guidelines are and if/how clubs stick to them. 

I'm pretty sure the enduro side of things will be utter chaos but hopefully trials is populated with more sensible folk. 

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