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  1. this has become a real pain to know what to do for the best, I dont seem to see many SW betas going ... well cheap / lower price ..
  2. The 300 is quite lively , think 250 are more sort after and maybe the better choice , that being said I have ridden a few trials and seen guys riding 125 at a really good club level ... Id go for the 250 if it was me ..
  3. Hi everyone looking for some advice .. So I wanted to get my son started in trials , He is 12 in Jan and is only around 4'6 (138cm ) roughly ... He is a bit small for his age I guess , reasonably strong and fit very active.. Anyway , wanted to get him riding , so the other day I saw a beta 80cc big wheel bike , which when I looked at it looked like it would be the right size for him with plenty of growing room .. well today I took him out with it , and the bike seems really big for him , he isn't able to start it yet , some because of lack of technique and some because the bike is big .. we pottered about for an hour or so, with me by his side , he was getting used to using the throttle and clutch , and was very wobbly on the bike to the point that I was pretty much keeping things balanced and upright ... I know its a big learning curve for him and we all started somewhere ... I initially thought the 80cc big wheel would be the better choice as he would grow into it , but im a bit unsure now ... I paid £950 its 2004 , all seems good with it tho it needs a good clean .. I was going to get him to work on it and clean it so he would learn all about them .. Now what to do ? , Should I try and sell the bike? , and try and pick up a small wheel 80 , or even a 50 cc just to get him going with things , or is it better to keep the big wheel 80 which I bought, and preserver with this .. Or should I try and pick up a 50 cc to give him a bit more experience on a smaller bike ? .. He isn't interested in any of the electric bikes at all . .. we are on a reasonable budget I don't mind buying something but cant afford to wast money if you know what I mean .. I was hoping to get some advice from other trial parents ... Cheers . .
  4. sweet .... that's what I wanted to hear ..
  5. I bought a BMX ... for my son , and myself .. I have been riding with him and It has made an improvement with my riding .. I know that trials cycles and BMX are different the bmx brakes are non existent and most of the tricks are done while moving , a trials cycle are strong on the breaks and most tricks are performed from stationary ... I found that a trials cycle were double the price , ... and I fancied a Bmx to ride with my son ... It has really helped with balance , and feels better suited than my mountain bike .. I even took it to the skate park and showed the youngsters how its done ..
  6. aevans692

    No start

    i had simular ... My bike 2017 , 250RR ... run sweet , then for no reason started to run like a pig ... then wouldn't start , thought it was the carb seemed like fuel blockage , but the carb was clean, swapped out fuel, had a fiddle and she started running sweet again ,.. but it seemed like every two rides or so it would really bog down and run like a pig starts hunting and such, no power in the high revs .. I had been going round in circles had the carb off a few times now , clean air filter , checked wiring , new plug , new fuel ..... I was getting a bit p****d off and almost ready to trade it in , then I spoke to a few places one dealer said that it sounded like the cdi playing up , I then called steve saunders , and he was pretty sure 99% he said that it was the cdi unit ... have now today fitted the new cdi unit , also stuck a in-line filter on it .. seems ok so far , the real test will be at the trials on this sunday .. I hope its sorted now .. but apparently they had issues with the cdi units on the earlier bikes ... I have to say tho I feel a bit sceptical on the reliability of the bike ... I hope you have got to the bottom of it does sound a bit like what I have been going through ..
  7. hi , guys .. as it says , has anyone fitted an in-line filter on a TRS rr , mine didn't come with one , and I thought it would be good to fit one , simple job new hose with a filter in the middle , not been on a test ride but had a little 10min around the garage all seemed ok .. In the clear filter it seems to not fill up completely ? , and has a little air in there .. bike seemed to run ok .... was thinking was there a reason why a filter wasn't fitted as standard , by fitting one could/would this mess up the fueling of the bike ? im prob over thinking this ...
  8. Im going to be swapping back to the standard 10-40 as soon as I need a new chain and sprocket , also the bike is fitted with a slow throttle tube, so it must be slow in comparison to a standard bike , I haven't had chance to ride a standard one yet
  9. I chatted with Steve Saunders today about the gearing , he said that its a fairly normal thing done , he said that it should tame the bike down a tad .. said as I get used the bike and my riding improves to move back up to standard .. but the difference are fairly small , so im told...
  10. sure , ... Im guessing its been done to make the bike a little more responsive in lower revs and maybe slower moving for stuff.. or maybe the shop didn't have any other sizes .. lol ...
  11. Ok sure , its easy enough to swap bk to standard .. What purpose has it served by gearing the bike down , is it beneficial in any way ? bit of a newbie question ..
  12. Hi all , so I picked up my bike this weekend, am very pleased .. I have noticed that the previous owner is running 38 on the back and 9 on the front sprockets ... Im sure that standard for the TRS RR that its 40 and 10 .. I understand a little about gearing, but not 100% sure what is happening with this , I'm guessing that its lowered the top end and increased the low end response ?? is this correct, what would be the reasoning behind it be, what's achieved ?? Any info would be great .. Cheers . .
  13. yeah for sure ... have entered my first trial this week ..lol... should be interesting
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