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  1. Hi My nearly new TRS did exactly the same and it turned out to be the banjo fitting was leaking where the pipe goes into the Gearbox casing. New Dowty seal cured it.It was very difficult to see with mud and water etc about.
  2. apologies, i wasn't very clear - there is some info on dropping a tooth on the front sprocket to tame them a bit but im unsure how that would be different from riding in a gear lower
  3. i now realise that you can also get a thicker head gasket / spacer. can you fit this as well as the low compression head insert or is it one or the other ? Also, i generally ride everything in 2nd or 3rd gear. What would i gain by going one tooth down on the front sprocket that i couldnt achieve by just riding in 1st or 2nd ? thanks very much
  4. Hi Fitted a low compression head insert to my 2018 280 RR to hopefully soften it a bit. are there any carb adjustments or anything else that i should do when changing to this low comp insert. Also, has anyone found a suitable replacement for the awful radiator filler plugs that round off so easily, Many thanks
  5. How do people carry a drink with them on an event, I don't really want to carry a camelbak type thing but i get thirsty and i think it affects my concentration. Thanks
  6. Hi are GAS GAS and TRS engines the same, as on the S3 website they say that some engine parts fit both bikes thanks
  7. i have just realised that the texaco supreme unleaded i use is only 97 RON whereas TRS specify a minimum of 98 RON. I will get some shell v power 99 RON and try that at the weekend. I will report back thanks
  8. my 2018 280 rr detonates above approx 1/2 throttle. needle clip is on mid position but i'm wondering whether this is more main jet, i have a 125 main jet at present. does anyone have any suggestions as to which main jet i may be best to go to or any other ideas many thanks
  9. Hi I am unable to find where to check the gearbox oil level on my 2018 trs 280 rr, it cant be that difficult, can anyone help please thanks
  10. vectradam

    no clutch

    hi my 2018 trs 280 has no clutch. there is only a little fluid in the master cylinder. I assume the seals must have gone in the slave cylinder. Is this an easy job or could it be something else ? many thanks
  11. Anyone have any ideas on the best way to clean out the silencer. It has a bit of oily soot in there but i dont want to use any liquids as i assume i would ruin the packing thanks
  12. thanks very much for your help tried new plug and removed kill switch but no change. when you say 12 way connector thall1 i have a plug and socket with 6 wires in and 6 out . black - white i have open circuit yellow - yellow - 0.6 ohms red - blue - 15 ohms so its looking like the pick up is finished. anyone have any ideas of the best and cheapest solution ? many thanks for your help
  13. hi i have no spark on my 2008 rev 4t. i have cleaned connections and earth etc. can any one give me a procedure with some values to do some testing. i have a multimeter which i am familiar with. many thanks
  14. i bought a couple of bits for it from an online supplier in the week that were delivered, i wonder if that could be something to do with it ?
  15. Hi only a very small number of people and i'm pretty certain that none of them would have anything to do with something like this. I just dont know
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