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  1. Does anyone know the fuel pipe clip size for a 2015 BETA. I’m replace the fuel tap, bought new pipe (9mm), but the clips are too small (9.6-9.8mm).
  2. Thanks, I’ll have a look on the web site.
  3. Thanks for the confirmation, I’ll get some pipe and add it to the 200.
  4. I have a Beta EVO 200 2016 and a Beta 250 2015. I’ve recently cleaned the 200 carb and yesterday decided to clean the 250 carb. When I removed the 250 carb I found a vent pipe on top of the engine. I think this pipe has fallen off the vent on the bottom of the carb, but I’m confused as to why the 250 has a vent pipe and the 200 doesn’t have this pipe. Both carbs are the same. Should the 200 have a pipe? I believe this pipe is used to direct the over flow fuel away from the engine, but does it have an effect on the bike performance?
  5. Thanks for the feedback, it looks like I need a Ford connect.
  6. I’m looking to buy a van to transport 2, possibly 3 Trials bikes. I’ve narrowed it down to Ford Connect (new shape) L2 or a Citroen Dispatch (new shape). I’d prefer to buy the Ford, but checking the dimensions of the van it seems close for two bikes, so very close for 3 bikes. The Dispatch has more space but lower mpg. Does anybody have a connect L2 with 3 bikes or dispatch?
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