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  1. Thanks for that. I'll have a look at that. There may be a rebuild on the cards T
  2. Hi. I have a Montesa Cota 315 1999. F Brake master cyl is a Grimeca I like to go practice pivot turns in the back yard. But recently after doing them, the front brake goes to the handlbar and i have to pump it to get something back. It happens every time I do them. I've bled the system, wound the adjuster right out, rebled. Checked the caliper and all that. But its still doing happening. (the brake stays firm when I'm just noodling about but when I go back to the pivots I lose pressure again) There are no leaks that I can see. Nothing at the caliper, hose is fine, connection look good. I even filled the fluid reservoir right up, just in case what I'm doing is allowing an air pocket to get into the line Has anyone has this issue? Who will be the first to tell me my master cylinder needs rebuilding? where is the air getting in and why?
  3. Thanks for the link. Very informative. I have ordered a flywheel puller and will have a look at my timing settings.
  4. Thanks for your responses. I have a look at these suggestions and post again when I've done it.. Cheers
  5. Hi all. Here is a question for those knowledgeable in the ways of 2.5 Shercos. When I go start it I get a kickback. It may happen once or twice but bike still fires after that. In my experience the only time I ever got a kick back like this was with a PE250 and in that case it was sheared flywheel key and it wouldn't go until that was fixed. In this case bike starts after a couple of kicks. Any ideas? Familiar phenomena?
  6. Oops. I got that wrong, Whatever. Anyway.. 26.5 INCH LBS rear is a good start. It tells me the values are not too different from other setups. Cheers
  7. Thanks for the advice.. I had all the spokes replaced and the front wheel rebuilt a while ago. I then did a couple of seasons tightening various spokes as needed. Recently I did some overdue truing work to remove some side to side and up and down that had appeared. I followed the above clip and another posted by Rocky Mountain ATV and got everything running quite nice. But to finish the job properly as recommended in these clips I need to go round the wheel doing every third spoke and torque everything up evenly (after truing there are some significant differences from spoke to spoke) Going by ear after a major rebuild or truing work is not really the best option and the adjusted spokes if not torqued evenly probably won't bed in very well. Hence my question asking if anyone know the spec torque values for these wheels. Not just my old bike but all models of Trails machines. My manual doesn't mention anything but the info must be available. 26ft lbs is recommended through Rocky Mountain and in some cases MX wheels get torqued up to 60ft Lbs! 26ft Lbs seems ok for regular riding but trails bikes with along with use of low pressures etc, may have higher torque values to help them cope with being smashed over rocks and such. cheers
  8. Would anyone know a good spoke torque setting for front wheel on a 1999 Montesa 315?
  9. Thanks for your replies. That has cleared things up..
  10. Hi there. I'm doing up the back suspension on my bike. Can any Montesa experts out there confirm that the All Balls lower shock bearing kit for Montesa 250 COTA 4RT 2005 to 2008 (part no 27-1166) will also fit the earlier 315s? I just want to make sure before I move on this. One site (splat shop) I looked for this kit at lists fitment for all years from 1997- 2013, but the local ebay listing with the same product and product number but only lists 2005-08. I know i could ask the seller and I'm sure it's ok but I just thought I'd ask the forums as there would be folk here who could more likely give me a definitive answer. Cheers Tony in Oz
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