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  1. stogga

    2003 70 rookie

    Hi all could anyone tell me the best 2 stroke oil and mix ratio for the 70 rookie . New to us bike and not sure of mixture. Regards Neil
  2. stogga

    Txt rookie

    Hi all . I have recently acquired a 2003 70 cc rookie and wondered if the frame is the same as the bigger cc bikes of the same year. As I need a rear linkage bearing kit Regards Neil
  3. stogga

    Ty 250 Kick Start

    Hi there I have a problem with my kick start it works fine as in starting the bike but it doesnt return to the top . I have taken the side case off and the clutch also the kickstart gear . The shaft has a half moon shape around it which a key fits in and travels around the same as the kickstart . It feels like there is a spring in there but it doesnt rest at the top could you help this yam is a drum brake white frame model cheers .
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