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  1. stogga


    Thanks how much to post to uk regards Neil
  2. stogga


    Hi all does anyone know where I could get some swing are pin rubber bungs from ?
  3. Thanks for your message I'll try that
  4. Hi It seems after some research that the older txt radiators had the thermostats inline and not in the radiator itself. Does anyone know if these older rads are available or could the port be blocked out and the new type used. Regards Neil
  5. Hi all. My son has damaged his radiator today and after looking at replacements on web they all seem to have an additional port on the top of them . . Can anyone shed any info on what this port is for as the 70 cc rookie does not seem to have it
  6. dellorto phbg 21 ds gas gas 70 2003 Carburettor adjustment. Hi all I am trying to adjust the tickover on this carb/ bike . There are two adjustment screws on the side Idle mixture and slide stop screw . I have taken this carb apart and blew out and cleaned all visible jets and galleries. Now back on bike and starts and runs ok but the tickover screw doesn't seem to be able to screw in any more to raise the speed of engine. I have bought a new slider and this does not make any difference. Can anyone think of any other things I may be missing . Regards Neil
  7. What's a good replacement caliper if I can't get the hebo ones . If I changed them would I need to change master cylinders too?
  8. Thanks all for you replies
  9. Hi can anyone tell me where I can get a rebuild kit for the hebo front caliper from a 2003 txt 70. Also the dellorto carb spares as I think I need a slider that the needle fits into as the tickover screw seems to have worn away the bit of the slider it actually touches. Kind regards Neil
  10. stogga

    Ty175 forks

    Thanks for the info I'll have a look there Regards Neil
  11. stogga

    Gas gas 70

    Hi the engine on ours sounds good . No grumbling. Maybe the main bearings are a bit tired. I could try and record it but not sure if it would help
  12. stogga

    Ty175 forks

    Hi does anyone know where to get the progressive springs from. Also people's best upgrades for the 175 that they have done and it's worked well Any info greatly appreciated Neil
  13. stogga

    Fantic 305

    Hi all where is the best place to get engine and gearbox spares for the 305 please
  14. stogga

    Gas gas 70

    That's great thankyou . I'll get it off. Clean and re set it . Thanks again Neil
  15. stogga

    Gas gas 70

    Hi all . Would anybody know the settings for a 2003 70 cc rookie carburettor. I cannot find much info on them Regards Neil
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