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  1. Hi Lorenzo, My 85 has got these tabs on the frame, I think they are to support the original fibre glass tank seat unit. I've replaced mine with an aluminium unit and it sits on the tabs fine. Hope this helps. Guy.
  2. Hi Ian. I'm rebuilding a 49 as well at the moment and I bought a set tapered fork tubes for £95 from moto classic UK who said they supplied in motion and they are a good fit and good quality. Hope this a help, good luck with the rebuild.
  3. Hi Lorenzo I know what you mean about the price but sometimes you can only find some Bultaco parts in Spain or USA ?
  4. no i meant #291764954115 which i have fitted on the left hand side of my 199a.
  5. Hi, theres one on ebay now.
  6. gooey

    Alpina Aluminium Tank

    Hi, that looks great, good to hear it's a good fit and no leaks. Did it come from Enfield County? Are you painting it or leaving it ally, looking at it I think I'm going to leave mine ally.
  7. gooey

    Alpina Aluminium Tank

    Hi, no I haven't yet, but I contacted them and they do a Monza cap which fits on the external thread, it was hard work talking to them by email but got there in the end. If you get one could you let me know what they're like because my fibreglass tank is delaminating inside. Cheers.
  8. gooey

    Alpina Aluminium Tank

    Hi, its the tank seat unit.
  9. Hi, ive read lots of posts and got lots of useful imformation over the last few years on this site, but this is my first post. Im restoring an aplina 85 and i saw an aluminium tank on a certain auction site. It comes from a company called enfield county in india. Has anyone had any dealings with them and are their tanks any good. Any imformation would be appreciated. Thanks.
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