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  1. Hi can anyone identify this front brake that I have in my 1966 model 10 Sherpa?It works great where as the one in my 1968 model 49 not so great.The “loose one is the m49 one.The one in the bike is the mystery one?
  2. Nice bike.Don't know if they add ethanol to petrol in Australia.If they do drain tank before leaving the bike for anytime as the ethanol attacks the fibreglass tank.
  3. "The committee and the management of Torrot-Gas Gas have reached an agreement on Wednesday to close the assembly lines of the Salt plant. It will not be effective until ratified by the workers' assembly. The pre-agreement includes reducing to 20 the dismissals -initially, 24 were foreseen- and offers compensation of 33 days per year worked with a cap of 12 monthly payments. Torrot-Gas Gas, which carries a debt of 23 million euros, submitted a regulatory file after suffering a sales decrease of more than 50% during the last year." Well whatever the story with lack of GP models in the USA 23 million euros of debt and 50% decrease in sales won't be pleasing the bank manager!
  4. Yes sounds like a juggling pin or foofoo valve fault???‍♂️?
  5. Hi ive got a bsa bantam 4 speed and the kickstart needs replacing.Ive seen gas gas ones fitted to other bantams?Any other upgrades/suggestions?Thanks
  6. There’s a saying “How do you make a small fortune in motorsport?”Answer;You start with a large fortune!”If you want any guaranteed trade in price maybe a gasgas pcp scheme would suit you?I don’t know if JS does one but you could always ask??
  7. andrewmorpeth

    2017 Vs 2019

    I snapped a linkage which had a crack in the casting.This took the airbox and rear mudguard with it.Rear mudguards are fragile.That's my experience of them.Oh and i hated the five speed gearbox.On the moors constantly changing between fourth and fifth?Other than that no better or worse than other bikes?
  8. You mean the stator coils?If so what readings am I looking for?
  9. I’ve got an electrical problem with my hidria ignition system on my 2018 gp it will fire then die .No spark I’ve swapped plugs coil and cdi with a friends bike and it makes no difference it’ll run on his but not mine.If you leave it for a while the spark will return but not for long I’ve had all connectors apart and kill switch disconnected and connected?Im thinking stator?
  10. Still nobody has answered this question?Load of tosh about brexit!This person is asking a valid question about why it's free in the two country's he's visited but not in the third country the U.K.?
  11. Gearbox replaced under warranty.Electronic control box replaced under warranty.Used fuel filter sent in post,if that counts as warranty.Fuel pump I had to diagnose and replace myself with an upgrade from USA ,same fuel pump as a Ktm sxf 250 by the way.Cracked engine mount replaced.Never did solve the leaking crank case seal?Gave up I have to admit in the end.I maybe should have spent a bit more and bought the titanium framed one?
  12. Mine softened itself!The fuel filter split lowering the fuel pressure and weakening the mixture.The fuel pump then gradually lost pressure over a few months again weakening the mixture.The electronic control box corroded and i lost all power again that made it slower!I spent that many nights in the garage the wife thought i was having an affair with someone in there?The owner of the local pub filed a missing report with the police!Good luck with your vertical/vertigo!
  13. Vertigo Combat Ice hell
  14. andrewmorpeth

    ossa stopped

    Which car runs on compressed air?
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