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  1. Replaced petcock, fuel line from tank to carb, and inline fuel filter. All those things helped. To be honest though... I think it needed *even more* gas in the tank. I realized the tank had been lined with something to protect the fiberglass from the ethanol. Which is great! But it gives the interior of the tank and bumpy and uneven inner topography. So I think it needs a pretty full tank in order to get full fuel delivery especially on a steep incline. Regardless, it is very peppy going UP the dirt road now. Descending a steep hill I experienced the sudden drop in idle that you mentioned @feetupfun - if I was doing more serious rides on a frequent basis, I would probably look into replacing the carb, but for now I will just keep it original. Thanks for the tips.
  2. @feetupfun thank you kindly for that great list of tasks to investigate - sounds like I need to do thorough checkup for fuel delivery to the carb, before I worry about float level. "If I have misinterpreted what you said and you are actually saying that it dies when the front of the bike is above the back of the bike then that is a different kettle of fish and you can test for this by lifting the front of the bike up with the motor running and see if it makes a difference." Bike dies when the front is above the back (going *up* a hill - ascending). I will do a lift test at idle and see what happens.
  3. Thanks for the tips and the link. I had only looked at ebay and so it's great to see how many parts and stuff are available on ivancirre. Thank you! Bike is running really well BUT if I try a sustained uphill (there is a steep dirt road behind our house) the engine will cut out regardless of gear/torque. My first guess is carb float height - this is my first Amal carb. Is float height easily adjusted? Anything else I should look at first? (I did add extra gas to the tank to make sure it wasn't the obvious!)
  4. That sounds nice, where did you find that? Or did you have it fabricated.
  5. I am considering getting an original exhaust muffler but the fella who sold it to me complained that the original exhausts on these was "a lot" of back pressure. Wondering if anyone has thoughts on that. I love the look of the original exhaust with the chrome accent and am surprised they are on ebay
  6. Proud owner of newly acquired 71 Bultaco Sherpa T 250 (seller said it was a '71 but I have not fully verified yet) First question! It's about the petcock, which I think the seller gave me incorrect info about...After some testing I believe the pic below is the "off" position (lever at 3 oclock, aka, pointing at right hand side). Is that correct? And "on" would be straight down (6 oclock) and reserve pointing at left hand side (9 oclock) ?
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