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  1. Rki McV

    2019 RR Vs One

    Check out Pat Smages video review of them on you tube. He sums them up pretty well but in short, they do make a difference
  2. Huh? I’d never heard of it my self until I saw this but for other owners, with 2018/2019 models, saying they have this problem too, it’s a bit worrying when i’m looking to buy a brand new one. I do acknowledge there are tonnes of Evo’s out there and this is only a tiny few people talking about this issue...
  3. So close to buying a new 250 Evo and carrying out the clutch fix and sticking an aftermarket fuel cap on but all this talk of them popping out of gear is really putting me off ?
  4. Ha too right. Im going the other way though and thinking i’ll get the one and drop it a load without scratching all that beauty white paint off!
  5. Is that just because you like the bling of the RR? I still have a feeling im going to end up on a Beta, damn that gear issue that's come to light. I guess GasGas could be an option too but I did want the durability of a Beta or TRS. Test ride time this weekend I think.
  6. Saying that... the 18’s and 19’s still jumping out of gear is a real concern for me. I’d be gutted if I bought a brand new bike and it started jumping out gear. That’s a pretty big problem in my opinion ?
  7. The bikes in question for me will be standard models, no factory or RR models needed just yet and i’m told by the dealers they would probably hold me back a little for being too snappy. I’ve heard the TRS ONE is a really nice smooth beginner friendly bike but it’s no secret that the Beta Evo is the most popular clubman bike on the market, certainly in the UK anyway. Checking any trials results you’ll always see the Beta’s making up most of the numbers from top to bottom so they are obviously doing something right. I’m open to all brand new 2t’s but I have a feeling it’s going to be a Beta with the clutch fix and an aftermarket fuel cap, just because I can get a good test ride on one of those and i’ll struggle to test ride a TRS. As a side note, do the Beta and TRS feel similar in terms of Geometry/riding position? I liked the riding position of the Beta, struggled with the riding position on my Vertigo ?
  8. @al_orange I am in exactly the same predicament. You set your mind on one bike then a common fault pops up like the Beta jumping out of 2nd gear. I must admit though from my recent experience, you need to get a good ride on them and buy which ever one you like riding. I went for the Vertigo after reading almost every section on every modern bike on here and it turned out the bike didn’t work for me at all and i’ve just sold it. I think the geometry was all wrong for me and I just couldn’t throw the bike around like my old Gasgas. I’d rode a 2018 Beta Evo for a full day just before buying the Vertigo and thinking back, I did really well on that. The dragging clutch really put me off buying one of the day though and I wasn’t on this forum then so hadn’t seen the clutch fix. Based on what i’ve read and seen, i’m really hoping the TRS works for me, but i’m struggling to get a good ride in one. I can test a new Beta, GasGas, Scorpa and Sherco at Inch Perfect but they arent a TRS dealer. If one of them feels right though, i’ll buy it and deal with what ever issue it’s known for. It seems any trials bike that’s been around for a while is known for having atleast one common issue. Normally followed by a common fix...
  9. Rki McV

    2019 RR Vs One

    @al_orange I’ve just spoke to Steve Saunders (TRS UK distributor) to get the answer to the same question you’re asking. He explained that although the Keihn carb on the RR does make the bike smoother through out the rev range, it does also make it snappier and he thinks it could be a hindrence for a novice/entry level clubman rider. He said the ONE is noticeably softer in the throttle and suggested I get that at novice level, and maybe even put a slow action throttle on, because i’m coming back into the spart after a long time out. I don’t think i’ll need the slow action throttle but could do without it being snappier than normal. He also said I probably won’t get any benefit out of the other upgrades for a couple of years either, but like you I wasn’t too fussed about that I just dont want the extra bits to hold me back. Hope that helps ??
  10. I have to admit I do find this quite annoying and is exactly why I started this thread. It’s not just Vertigo though. This thread pretty much mirrors the one in the Sherco section. No consistency between what Reiger say, Vertigo (and other brands) say and what the bike comes like. I think stock settings should be included in the manual.
  11. Yeah definitely. The rod is a doddle to fit afterwards though.
  12. They are the correct parts, but in the wrong order. The sleeve goes on before the pedal, with the hex side against the frame/foot peg hanger. Then fit the washer, then the brake lever, then the smaller washer and the nut.
  13. As above @jsp. @tcrhino is correct. Will get a photo asap though!
  14. It probably is the case, i’m going to make the call this week and find out. There just seems to be an inconsistency across all trials bike wether you buy them brand new or second hand. It would make sense to list these specs on the website or manual wouldn’t it. I’m going service mine tomorrow so I will take some photos for you. Any specific photo you need? I assume you’re talking about the brake lever - master cylinder area?
  15. @jsp Looking through the forums, and a recent thread in the Sherco section, it seems quite common for bikes to come set up incorrectly from new. Having said that... I’m also not sure how reliable the settings from Reiger them selves are. I did wonder if they are just the settings they supply the shocks with to the bike builders, who then change the settings as they build and set up the bikes. I bought my bike second hand but the original owner said he hadn’t touched the suspension. I checked the settings anyway and the Comp and Rebound weren’t set to the specs I got from Reiger. Maybe they were adjusted by Vertigo to their own spec? I’m going to call Nick at Vertigo when I get a minute to see if he can clarify. I’m currently running the specs from Reiger and it seems ok? As for the adjustments... The C spanners that came with it should be of different sizes (46 and 55). One for the adjustment ring and one for the locking ring. The comp on yours is adjusted by the purple knob AND the small screw inside it. The knob is the high speed and the screw is the low speed. Hope all this helps. These standard suspension settings seem quite hard to come by.
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