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  1. After over a year of running the bike, we have found that running it on putoline trials oil at 60ml per gallon has completely iradicated the need to repack the silencer monthly!
  2. Sealskins. Used them for years carp angling. Warm and dry, last ages.
  3. Fitting a 5 heat rating plug makes a huge difference to the running. We dropped the needle and it improved running also. In real cold weather we turn the mixture screw a quarter turn anticlockwise to compensate. We run ours at 60ml oil to a full 5L can of petrol, many will say it's not enough but we haven't had any issues. Found putoline to run cleanest in them, tried many oils. If you jetwash the bike and don't cover the airbox and seal it, YOU WILL have to clean the carb, airbox and in particular the corrugated link pipe to the carb. This fills with water and it won't run. Other than that, they run fine.
  4. Yeh, it's best to cut them so they are just a couple of inches long. THEY DO suck in water and cause engine to die if left long. If you cut the gearbox breather down, make sure it inst resting on or over the bash plate, or it makes a rite mess if oil comes out the pipe.
  5. Hello, does anyone know where to get a pair from, or if Evo spacers fit? The rev3 spacers are a different depth each side. Many thanks
  6. Hi all, I've heard on the grapevine at ymsa that there is an American company that makes a better tyre for the medium wheel. Can I find it? Can I fook!!! It seems to be the holy grail of the medium wheel world. If anybody knows can they please contact me. Many thanks Paul.
  7. Hi, can anybody tell me the length and pitch of a 2019 Beta80 medium (small) wheel chain?
  8. Ok, so decided not to add to the flywheel weight. As he has grown into the bike it has become apparent that the 'pop' of the front wheel has been more beneficial in nationals. Throttle control and body positioning coming to the fore as expected. With regards to the Ohlins shock on the Evo80 medium wheel, The shock has to be modified using a longer shock body tube to fit the big wheel. If you contact Andy Dawson he will sort this out for you.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'm aware of all that, I just need a contact to send it too to do the work. Many thanks.
  10. Hi all, I've posted this on the Beta80 section but feel it needs a wider audience. Does anybody know someone that can add some weight to our flywheel? I've heard if has been done and it's a great mod. Just need an Engineer. Pm me if preferred. Regards Paul
  11. Does anybody know how to add weight to the flywheel, or somebody that does it?
  12. Can anyone tell me the best exhaust packing for the 80. A specific brand please? Many thanks. Apologies for derailing, but this was the main reason for my last question. Many thanks.
  13. Fitted this before the trial yesterday, brilliant mudflaps made of a seemingly really good material. I've left it long to see how it would be. It stopped the radiator filling with crud, it got none in it at all and it was a messy trial in a few sections. It also matches the new beta colours perfectly! Cheers for the head's up Rob.
  14. Thanks for your reply. I've been running 70ml per gallon and it smokes quite heavily. I'm going to run at 50ml per gallon which is not too lean according to other manufacturers recommendations. We used to run 50ml ok we G in our chainsaws and they revved like fook all day long. Great advice on the soft hubs and bearings??that kind of stuff really makes a difference ownership wise. I've now ordered a clutch and water pump cover by Apico. Back to the Ohlins question, can anyone else cast any light on interchangeability? I don't wish to doubt any previous advice, but I'm hearing different things on the vine...
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