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    Reluctant sale of my Ossa tr280. I Bought it in 2017 and stored it until I had completed a new house build. I started riding it mid last year and after a couple of times out the gearbox needed to be ‘renewed’ and also I found out that the big ends did also. Receipts for nearly £1000. I had majority of all the work completed by Nigel Birkett who knows these machines inside out. He informed me that the bike had only 75 hrs use on the ECU. I asked Nigel to replace the front tyre and the front wheel bearing. I only use the bike for practicing on. now the bike is running well I find that my age is against me (61 😕) riding this sort of bike and I am enjoying twin shock riding more. I replaced the graphics last year also. I have Ossa riding gear also that can be negotiated in a deal. contact Dave 07828673700

    2,295.00 GBP

  2. daveraw70s

    K-Scan for Ossa

    Matteo great help thanks. Dave
  3. daveraw70s

    K-Scan for Ossa

    Hi Lotus. Can you direct me also to K scan? daveraweng@hotmail.com Out of interest, where are you located ? Dave
  4. Hi Johnny. Give me details please..costs etc
  5. Is there anyone in North Yorkshire with a diagnostic cable for an Ossa. I need my Ossa checking out to see if it’s all working as it should !!
  6. When I was introduced into Trials I brought home a OSSA picture from the local bike shop, Norman Crooks of Northallerton. I had this picture on my wall for two years before I managed to buy a bike. First bike was a Bultaco so never got my MAR but I did buy a Verde a few years later before I went working overseas and giving up Trialing. So fast forward 35years and I have my MAR and also treated myself to the TR280i as this has got to be a classic for my boys
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