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  1. CMA does not represent the bulk of motorcycle competitions in Canada. #timesupcma Below sound like a sensible and sustainable position to start... quote " MCC will continue pursuing FIM affiliation. “MCC’s primary vision is to be the voice of motorcycling in Canada and this vision would be exemplified through an affiliation with the international motorcycling body FIM,” explains Dave Millier, MCC Chair. “MCC was created as a national body to represent motorcyclists and is strongly positioned as the leading organization to represent Canada on an international stage.” MCC will continue to look for opportunities to engage the entire Canadian racing community, including hosting additional meetings, either in-person or online, and through a national survey. The results will be used to generate a national racing strategy and vision for off-road racing in Canada."
  2. http://www.trial-club.com/webzine-trial/actualites/2017/brandon-schmidt-un-canadien-en-triale-a-lourdes/
  3. Electric Motion now under one importer / distributor - Electric Motion North America. cheers
  4. From an importer / distributor standpoint for trials to move into the mainstream our dealerships need to be mainstream with bricks and mortar. In the past too many dealers we're backyard dealers selling to the friends etc. From my experience about 1 in 10 trials riders actually competes. Trials bike and trials skills need to be marketed, in front and accessible to the mainstream off road rider in the main stream shops. jmo. Support your local dealer and hopefully they will support you. cheers
  5. Oct 16 there were two trials in Ontario. CMA with 26, SOVT with 24. total 50 riders. Congrats to both organizations for promotion of trials. These are healthy numbers considering the split.
  6. A lot of changes since 2013 for sure: Although the earlier EM are performing very well: 2016 bikes changes: - motor - suspension - battery - parameters As in all bikes, improvements ongoing, Brandon Schmidt just won the WTC West Canadian National Championships Advanced Class. We hope to see him in Expert next year.
  7. Go Canada, 2016 TDN, I guess we do participate in International competition.
  8. Billyt - I think I've made numerous points in this thread that capture what I think including http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/57211-wtc-vs-cma-why-not-have-both/?p=432368 I've gone way over my limit here in posts but Michael and the likes of Michael need support, they have it from me for sure. I'm just lucky that if I choose to compete again I have a great group to join, they are not CMA or WTC. But if they choose in the future to join either of these orgs it will be because they have improved in many ways. Something I don't see happening with the existing directors. There's a lot of negative energy in these groups at the political level. Thank goodness they manage to still get trials competitions done but there's no growth. We need new blood, easier said than done. And now I'm done here, I need to call our sponsored EM rider who just won the Advanced class at the WTC West National. Back to the fun>>>
  9. BillyT - I founded and was the president the Canadian Ring Association, a French very high level protection dog sport. I intoduced in North America, Mondio Ring. Another very high level protection dog sport. I conducted the first seminar in the USA in Colorado. Today the United States Mondio Ring Association is alive and well and the Canadian Ring Association is alive and well. I knew when it was time to hand over the reigns to new blood. I was also one of the first Mondio Ring and French judges in North America and I was a International Select decoy. I have also provided many protection dog seminars including a seminar in Brazil on an Army base in the worst area of Sao Paulo. I'm not a supporter of either the WTC or CMA. The CMA rhetoric and performance is making my eventual decision easier and easier. However i do sponsor and support riders who attend events sanctioned by both orgs. This weekend we have a rider at the WTC West Nationals. My support for our next "Trials Association" sanctioning body leader will be for completely new blood that embraces the qualities I think are required. Michael for President, or someone with Michael's qualities!!! cheers
  10. all good Michael, you are certainly an asset to the trials community and your efforts are appreciated.
  11. What I know is you will not have a long line of applicants for the top job of either org, if any. But new blood with a new vision is needed and appreciated. The current incumbents carry a heavy negative trials political past. For myself, I have a lot of experience with introducing new sports to both Canada and the USA from Europe, development and leading of National organizations, international relationships both sporting and business. I really don't think I need to justify myself to you on the people I support. Finally, Billyt, I don't find your questioning productive, you appear to be trying to find fault and I simply receive this is yet another negative. You're simply driving me farther away for sure. As for your questioning of Michael, how absurd, he's applying for nothing as I know it, and if he does then maybe he will present his position at that time. But its total up to Michael what he does. Michael, please stay positive as I know you will, don't let these guys get you down!!! Michael for "President" !!! - when the time comes...
  12. The old blood can't let the crap from the past go. Michael, keep up the great work! Take note from the massive mistakes from the past of both orgs, take note of the other motorcycle disciplines that have prospered in their own new system. Many of them are part of the MCC group. I'm looking forward to your influence and leadership in the trials community for years to come, you have my vote for the new WTC President. Take it to the next level. Look the future. My message to the WTC boss, time to hand over your hard work to new blood that will take it to the next level. cheers
  13. It's real simple, to stay in business you have to know your market, deliver a quality product, listen to your customers, continually improve your service, deliver an effective marketing campaign and above all stay humble. Learn from the past and have a strategy for today, tomorrow, next year and 3 to 5 year away. I would also ask each organization what their succession plan is when the current leaders exit. I guess what the dueling trials organizations should do is ask themselves if they are truly following these principles or is it something else? Funny how most of our sponsored riders are your every day enthusiast with a passion for their sport. Trials is doing better than ever in Canada, I can guarantee that, but you don't see that same increase in the competitions. These so called National organizations need to understand why there is no growth in competition membership. I don't want to hear one organization comment or slam the other. I want to hear what they are doing themselves to improve. For all those out there supporting the sport in a positive and supportive way, congrats, keep up the good work.
  14. Steve, are you the sole decision maker for the CMA or is it a democratic organization ? The correct answer is that you will receive all feedback and suggestions and give them careful thought. The riders feedback should be presented to the TAC for consideration. Then of course on to the CMA board. I have sponsored riders at both the CMA and WTC Championships. From my perspective I'm pleased that there are trials of this status for them to ride. Keep up the good work. You have been provided feedback from the very riders, sponsors and importer you want to join the CMA. Bashing the WTC is not going to convince anyone to join the CMA, especially in a public forum. Your mandate should be to talk to the viability, inclusiveness, willingness to change and strengths of the CMA to the benefit of the competitive trials riders across Canada, and as our USA friends say, stay on message and read from the prompters. I have a good friend on the TAC, do I need to ask him to clarify what you are saying? We have SOVT trials held here at my property, they are neither CMA or WTC. I will continue to asses the CMA and WTC on how they may help trials prosper in Canada, I am always open to change, I do see the benefits and drawbacks of both groups but: If I get back to competing it will be with the SOVT group for now. That's my feedback.
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