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  1. Appreciate the help guys, gripper all back together now and seems to be running fine, ready for the next trial.. wee pic of it cos we all like photos...! ? cheers John.
  2. tztwofifty

    Gripper timing

    Have set it at 3.0mm will see how it goes.. Thanks for the input guys Cheers, John
  3. tztwofifty

    Gripper timing

    Thanks for that, didn't imagine it would be far out... it's electronic ignition on this one.
  4. tztwofifty

    Gripper timing

    Anyone know the timing setting for a 1984 250 gripper tr80? (** edit 1984 doh **) Found this for older models, is it near enough? Thanks guys..
  5. Thanks for the replies guy's, fashioned a puller tonight and pulled the spline off no problem. Yes I see the washer is meant to be in two parts now so all good and on with the refurb. Any more daft questions and I'll be back soon....
  6. Ahh see what you mean now.. remove the split washer, slide on the puller sleeve, replace the washer to give the sleeve something to pull against and remove the whole spline...? Thanks for that ?do you know if the split washer is still obtainable?. Off to try and source a puller now. Cheers John
  7. Thanks for the replies guy's, still not sure 100% what I'm looking at.. everything so far came apart without needing a puller, although the washer i thought was in two half's should maybe not be? Here are some pics of it coming to bits.. it's just the final wee washer that's stuck, the pullers I'm seeing appear for a different bit? Should the last washer pull off allowing the crank to be pulled to let me renew the seal? Should my crescent washers be just one with a split? Should I leave well alone and put back together lol.. cheers guy's, John
  8. Hi folks, currently stripping my 250 gripper engine.. quick question about removing the crank, there appears to be a washer needing removed in order to pull the crank from the case.. does this simply pull off as it seems quite tight, hope this makes sense? Pic attached of said washer. Cheers John.
  9. tztwofifty

    I'm lucky!

    haha, you calling my mates monsters..lol
  10. tztwofifty

    I'm lucky!

    "Is there still a wee pub on the other side while waiting for the Corran ferry??? I remember checking in there for a time control and being miffed as I did not bring any $$$$ not knowing about the pub. When I talked to the lad there and told him I was from Canada, he disappeared for a bit and came back with a nice tall cool pint for me, no charge! Ah the memories!!" yes it's still there, and if your spectating, when you stop in for a quick one, don't ask for the dart's or you might find yourself still there 3 hours later......woohoo canny wait...!!
  11. Aye me! Ossa Gripper. Never rode it so don't know the form. But riding a bike around the Isle of Man countryside sounds like a damn good crack. Saying that now anyway. Hope there are more twinshock nuts to compete with. See you at EF bro.
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