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  1. or 85-90cc/5 ltr of Castrol 747
  2. Revs Suspension rebuilt mine last year.
  3. Another brilliant trial and good to see Sunday sections were different to Saturday. A credit to the organisers and helpers in making 'the worlds friendliest trial' another great success. Roll on next year.
  4. Bob wright is still advertising fork tubes POA. That's where I got mine.
  5. I think there is a handful of riders in Scotland who compete regularly on Pre'65 and Twinshock simply because they enjoy riding their bikes. They do all kinds of trials from C to C to Nationals. Already there is a good selection of trials with varying levels of difficulty to suit all abilities. There will always be the 'draw' of the bigger events that have an atmosphere and some people will only drag their bikes out for them. That's fair enough but I don't think there will ever be a huge number of P65 rider competing every weekend no matter how the sections are laid out. >^..^<
  6. schweizmeister

    Marzzochi Forks

    I was watching your forks yesterday after we were talking and the rebound looked a little slow and 'lazy'. It might be worth fitting new springs.
  7. "keep your feet up" Seriously though, should see you there on Saturday and advice will be provided free of charge to fellow road racers! >^..^<
  8. I would go with 7 & 4 for normal use, Brian. Shouldn't have any problems. 6 & 3 or 4 if you know the trial ground is forgiving and you are not likely to hit rocks hard. Bear in mind the accuracy of the tyre pressure gauge you are using. oh... and watch out for tyre creep
  9. I run a tubeless Michelin X11 on my 240 fantic without any problems but I agree it is worth having decent rim locks.
  10. My entry is in the post today. If the trial is anything like the Paul Kilbauskas Trial was last October it will be fantastic! Can't wait. >^..^<
  11. This is the bike David is riding. I never got a close look but noticed tubeless rear rim, disc brakes F&R, hydraulic clutch. http://s722.photobucket.com/albums/ww229/s...%20David%20Pye/
  12. The photos are brilliant. Can anyone name the riders?
  13. schweizmeister

    Fantic Fm450

    Silkolene Light gear oil gets my vote.
  14. Interesting idea, BJ. I loved the Craiglash Championship trial, however I think the green route would have been pretty tough on a standard P65, so maybe the yellow route would have been more suitable. Your proposal would also mean the 'Twinshock and Pre'65 Championship' could be split into two separate awards. And if they wanted, the 'fiddle' Pre'65's could enter as twinshocks since they often resemble them more than Pre'65's!.
  15. schweizmeister


    I rode a 300 for years. Good enough bike I but sold it and bought another 240. The 300 is a bit heavy compared to the 240 and I reckon the 240 is more competitive. I don't think many 300's were actually built before the monoshocks came out, which may explain why you don't see them much.
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