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  1. mexmex

    2013 Jetting

    Cola de Caballo ("Horse ass" ) which is around 40 km south to Monterrey. Never been there before but the locals say its just unbeliavble with amazing ride out of the hotel.
  2. mexmex

    2013 Jetting

    Thanks guys! I will do 45/125 and hope for good. I might have couple of hours to play with it.
  3. mexmex

    2013 Jetting

    Hi One Cabastany Replica 2013 and the other 3.0 as well 2013. Normally we are riding at very high altitude (11,000' = 3600m) and we got a nice and clean setup for this condition. Next week we have our 1st national, which will be held in the north at 800m and I don't have any idea which jetting will work. Normally I would just try but as this is very remote place, we are flying over (shipping the bikes in truck), and I will have very little time to setup the bike if any. So any base line will be greatly appriciated! Cheers!
  4. I have for almost 2 years now, the ARC levers by Ryan Young USA. U had to file some material off to make them work for the EVO (2011) but they work perfect, very smooth action, and yes, for me they are unbreakable, and I test them plenty!
  5. Hope they can give you here better answer than what I did...lol Suerte! Yoram
  6. Not really...is a Danish (if I'm not wrong) guy prepare them one by one..you need to dig hard to find some details on this bike. I couldn't find much more than a couple of pictures. If you do find anymore details, I'll be more than happy if you can share them!
  7. Cross over from Trial to Enduro = the ultimate tool for Extreme Enduro reces. In the video of Hells Gate I saw another one similar to that but based on Beta 2 stroke bike. Berghem sell those ready to go in 15,000 Euro, if you are interested
  8. Bad (and some) news mate. Ligaments will never heal by themselves, unless you going to be under the knife. BUT, and there is a big BUT, with correct exercise which reinforce the muscles on this specific area, you can live with a torn ligaments. Search for a specific "sport" physiotherapist and he will know what to do with you. I have, after more than 25 years riding, bad ligaments on both shoulders and both knees. Never been operated and still walking straight and riding twice a week!
  9. Anyone try those on a Trial bike? Anyone tried a (very) used Bib Mousse in the front for puncture free ride? I know it's heavier but for long rides out there?
  10. I would say the Berghem will do even better then a normal Trial bike. Longer suspension for jumps, higher mudguard etc.
  11. I don't think next year, but in the next 2-3 years, I will be back...
  12. Yes I did. Amazing landscape with very unique ride. I'm all about thinking the next time....
  13. All made by Tal Zohar from www.fullgaz.co.il Enjoy! Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
  14. mexmex

    I'm lucky!

    Yes, I missed 2 groups of sections on the 1st day, but kept riding for non award finish. Yesterday, on the last group, i drop the bike and myself on a very slippery surface, and knocked out my left wrist. I thought it will be ok by the morning, but after sleepless night, I tried and couldn't pull the clutch, so i had to say good bye. I have lots of conclusions for 1st timer from the last week, and I will write them up on my way home on Sunday.... Cheers! It's pub time! Yoram
  15. mexmex


    Thanks guys. Sound all good, can't wait to be there! Just this damn flu the I have now holding me of being 100% happy...but it's nothing that good shot of Tequila will not solve!
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