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  1. The Tryals Shoppe in New York state should be able to identify this bike for you.
  2. I think it may be a good idea to re-check the cleanliness of the pilot jet.
  3. I have heard that the CDI from the same year of TRS will work.
  4. What brand of ignition ?
  5. reggie

    Dellorto carb

    A Dellorto carb was not normal on Rev 3s m/y 2000 to 2007 used Mikuni and 2008 had Keihin good luck
  6. Perhaps the friction spring MT280226006 is not moving freely in the clutch cover
  7. I believe that a good reason to change the oils more often than FB Group man ( or women ) is that having a look at the drained oil lets you know if there are issues with the bike.
  8. Wow never seen that before! You can put the bleed nipple / banjo bolt from an Evo on to bleed. Th nipple may interfere with the exhaust. It would be interesting to see the inner workings of this. Thanks for sharing this .
  9. reggie

    Clearing carb.

    Not a bad idea.
  10. I think using petrol with ethanol in it is a bad idea.
  11. I have never found an aftermarket shifter for the Evo 4t
  12. The forks have been SACHS brand for a while, but are mostly the same as PAIOLI
  13. My suggestion to you is to replace the master cylinder. Quite often it is a waste of time and money putting in the repair kit.
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