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  1. an easy way to find out about this bike is to go to the " betamotor " website go to the parts finder and type in the VIN no more guessing
  2. The stock float needle was a metal to metal type. There is a viton rubber one available that works much better. There are also some set up tips on this forum.
  3. S3 shows their clutch to be " 9.85 mm +/- 0.1mm "
  4. If the issue is just when the bike is cold, you could go to an oil with a lower first number possibly a 5W50 or if where you live it never gets very hot perhaps a 5w40
  5. reggie

    2001 txt 280

    There are some videos on the " trials parts usa " you tube channel covering this.
  6. reggie

    2015 ST 250 leak

    If tony27 is correct, I think I would make sure that my gearbox breather hose is not blocked. This may save some work.
  7. If you have trouble finding a p/n it is the same fitting as a dell orto carb float bowl vent
  8. Sometimes people lose the needle jet when cleaning the carb. Some bikes run poor to fair in this condition but will not run great.If you take the airbox off at the carb, there should be a brass coloured bit sticking up from the bottom of the carb. That part is the needle jet. Good luck.
  9. If you are older reading glasses, also. a spark plug and suitable spanner
  10. Sometime the floats in the dell'orto carb DO NOT float anymore good luck
  11. The first generation Pampera (released approx 1996) had a smaller radiator than the later models. These first Pamperas also had the "trials gearbox" , later models had some gears with different ratios.
  12. Maybe you don't have to fix it if the slave cylinder is working correctly.
  13. reggie

    Base gasket

    Base gaskets come in the following thicknesses 0.2mm 0.3mm 0.5mm and 1.0mm
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