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  1. Honda CT 90 condenser is good as it has it's own mounting tab
  2. Beta p/n 1524651 000 works well
  3. Kawasaki KT 250 also fit.
  4. If I remember correctly there is a screw and a jam nut that moves the shaft which pushes the clutch push rod up or down this allows different amounts of clutch rod push movement. This means quicker or slower clutch release and also engagement.
  5. I think it would be best for to re-pack the silencer. When the packing gets old it is oil soaked, loses sound deadening and it's thermal insulating properties as well.
  6. reggie

    Vertigo Chain

    Regina and Iris trials chains have " 1 and one half links available " this way you can easily end up with an odd numbered link chain.
  7. Any backfire ? Is the spark properly timed ? Maybe try putting 1/2 thimble of fuel down the spark plug hole. Good luck
  8. This is an Amazon link for loose 3/16 inch ball bearings <<https://www.amazon.com/Sunlite-Bicycle-Loose-Ball-Bearings/dp/B000AO5KOW>>
  9. To the best of my knowledge the thermo switch on the TRS switches the earth part of the circuit. Good luck.
  10. Good luck, I think this will fit but not 100% sure https://motomx.com/product/ktm50-complete-clutch-kit/
  11. http://www.marzocchimoto.com/en/contacts/
  12. The Beta 4t trial throttle is different than any of the " dirt bike " Domino throttles. I believe the only place to purchase the throttle tube is as part of an OEM Beta assembly. There are now 2 Beta 4t throttles 1) the standard one starting with the 2007 Rev 4t which is the same as the standard Evo 4t m/y 2019 and starting with the 2019 Factory model there is now a slightly different ( faster ) one
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