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  1. reggie

    Montesa 348 349 help

    Timing could be sheared woodruff key. I have seen these bikes with the piston installed backwards as well. Good luck.
  2. I think this part could be p/n 007041100 000 this part was changed in the EVO era of this engine I think I have seen one of these before that had been compromised.
  3. I suspect that you have a ground fault in your lighting system. Disconnect all of your lighting, then take the bike for a ride. If everything works as it should you will know that your issue is with some part of your lighting circuit.
  4. reggie

    TL 250 hose

    Type this into Google " Honda part number 17214376003 " looks like the price is 9.50 Euros
  5. Sometimes a hand impact will work better than the air one, or maybe a different air or electric impact may work. Some of these fork were put together with too much thread locking compound. Good luck.
  6. reggie


    These forks were only used on the m/y 2000 Rev 3 they are not the same as the forks used on any Techno or Zero . They were made by Paioli. There is not much information available on these forks. Good luck.
  7. reggie

    Rev 3 won't start

    check the woodruff key it may be sheered
  8. trials parts usa sells a different item to replace the inline thermo switch that your bike has
  9. Bolt Shock side p/n 2541821 000 Bolt other side 2541810 000
  10. dell'orto VHST carb stock later models came with Keihin PWK some with Keihin PWK and the Sherco prompt system which was sort of an accelerator pump That ignition cover is a lot different than stock. There are some good vids of Cabestaney riding this bike very well.
  11. Nebar << https://www.tiflex.co.uk/nebar/nebar.html >>
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