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    Beta Alp 200 would be a good choice.
  2. reggie

    2014 evo 250 4 t

    I have had several of the Beta 4t trials motorcycles and have found the stock gearing to be the best.
  3. Apparently you need the complete rear brake system from a 1997 Gas Gas
  4. I think you may have missed 2020
  5. Find an AJP or Beta (grimeca) front caliper this will bolt on with very few issues. On the rear , I believe that there is a retrofit assembly available, I do not remember where I have seen it on the internet. Good luck.
  6. reggie

    Leaking fork seals

    Maybe try the " blue label " fork seals I know several people that have had good success with this brand.
  7. Most likely a remote reservoir for the rear shock. It even has a ZF ( Sachs) sticker on it.
  8. reggie

    Techno crankshaft

    The engine is not the same. There are minor differences.
  9. There are no superfluous fasteners on a modern day trials motorcycle ( all brands ) Modern day trials motorcycles need all of their nuts and bolts to be tight, so that everything works properly. The ONLY way to be sure that the nuts and bolts are tight is to check them. Particular attention should be given to brake disc bolts and rear sprocket bolts.
  10. reggie

    Techno crankshaft

    The keyway on the Techno crank is in a different spot. the con rod kit part number you are looking for is 11.03720.800 I think this is what you are looking for
  11. my understanding is that air cooled bikes 120 PSI is about the max cranking pressure
  12. you should try to get in contact with members of the local trials group " ATAQ "
  13. I have never seen an Evo without the primary gear mounted with rubber dampers, factory or standard. I know that there are aftermarket clutch systems without the rubber dampers.
  14. 2 thoughts 1) with the fuel turned on and the bike laying flat on the ground ( either side ) does fuel pour out onto the ground ? 2) have you taken the flywheel off the check the woodruff key ?
  15. Google " 1991 Beta Zero handbook "
  16. maybe you are looking for GasGas p/n MT280226065 also TRS p/n 01011MT100 may fit
  17. the caliper number for the 1998 bike is BT27722001
  18. You should only be loosening the bleed nipple to bleed the front brake. Maybe your bleed nipple is seized in the banjo bolt.
  19. The rear wheel could be Beta Alp or Supertrial
  20. reggie

    Evo 4t chain

    IRIS 520 RXL chain, 1/2 links and master links readily available in the USA I would purchase 1 x chain 106 link 1 x 1 and 1/2 link and 3 extra master links
  21. reggie

    290 rear hub

    I believe that most of these issues are caused by having the bolts come loose.
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