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  1. rocker1


    I have two other bikes with Bing carburettors that perform perfectly. my 350 Alpina (1977) however has always been a trifle fluffy on low throttle openings. I have just fitted new needle and jet as part of a service and the needle clip was in the lowest groove, what is the recommend position or is it just suck it and see. Thanks.
  2. Good morning my 350 Alpina came with a broken kickstart spring can I replace it without splitting cases, if not what is the procedure to complete the job. Tia
  3. I had Seager do both exhausts on my Norton Commando I am very happy with them.
  4. rocker1

    Mar engine weight

    No bathroom scales or I would have used them. Just thought someone would know. I will buy a spring balance next time I am in the city or take the engine down to the town (15k) and put it on the pharmacy scales.
  5. rocker1

    Mar engine weight

    Good evening I need to send my Ossa MAR engine complete with head and barrel from Spain to the UK. I have no way of weighing it can anyone tell me what it weighs? also any hints on a good and cheap carrier would be appreciated.
  6. My Ossa Super Pioneer 1976 has just passed the ITV. It does not have a front brake light switch nor did it have a mirror fitted.
  7. I used to love Carole Nash before they went all commercial. I had three bikes insured with then and they asked what else I owned. I said a motor home and they duly quoted. Three times more than my current premium. when I queried it they said " we don't really like motor homes"
  8. Me? I live just north of Gergal in the mountains.
  9. Hello I am also in Southern Spain (Almeria) and own a TL125 that when I get a few other jobs out of the way will convert to 150 as I have a Miller Kit.
  10. Thanks Trialsrfun and Woody. Steve Sell is a mate and has been for some 30 years but I asked here as I don't like to bother people with phone calls on a Sunday. You chaps can answer or not as you wish. I made some new bushes and as I hadn't removed the old ones was a bit stuck. All sorted now. Thanks again Bob.
  11. Hello People I have just obtained an Ossa Mar basket case of 1977 vintage, By the rear shock mounts it appears to be a Mk3 frame. Not having owned an Ossa for many years I cannot remember how the top hat rear brake bushes fit. Do they fit from the inside out (My guess) or outside in? Thanks in advance Bob.
  12. Too right, I still have a photo of him on my wall. However I did name my grandson Jordi. 325 Taco, loved the bike and Mart.
  13. Hello showtime45 I have a couple of TLs and have found that the Miller 150cc kit has a very thin spigot and although I have had one sitting in my shed for some ten years I am wary of using it because of spigot failure/cracks, however if you are using the bike for twinshock trials it should be ok, Bigger valves would help the bike to rev higher but would rob it of some torque in the lower rev range. Regards Rocker1
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