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  1. You will probably only get 11 years of trouble free riding with this bike , oh you might have to replace a fender or two maybe a lever here and there but around 11 years and your gonna want to buy a new one and then again your probably only get another 11 years, Im speaking from experience. Im not trying to miss lead you i bought mine back in 2006. Now i have bought a new montesa 2017 300RR and yes i've already placed and order for a new front fender . Glad to have you in the club. Many have years of worry free riding gas and go.
  2. bbk

    clutch bleeding

    Make sure the clutch line is lower than the reserve as some times it will trap air there.
  3. I started on a 2t GG then tried a 06 repsol back in 06 went out and rode section that i had been ridding with my 2t I cleaned the section first try, thought it was a fluke but kept cleaning the section. I bought the bike and have ridden it up until 2 months ago when i picked up a 2017 300 Montesa . I have a buddy that was getting back into trials he had ridden 2t montesa for some time thought he would like the 4t montesa he rode my 06 4rt for a while but just could not get his timing right he just prefered the 2t
  4. bbk

    Idle seems high ?

    standing on the bike , on the right side theres an idle adjustment screw use a long shaft blade screwrdiver you want even have to take off plastic
  5. bbk

    Montesa 300RR

    Okay Im back, I am also sore all over we rode for about 8 hours, the bike is amazing first having the switch set on the first setting its like a tractor really sticks on the off cambers, really nice in tight areas. Also seems to turn tighter than my 06. The foot pegs are great super wide gives great support and great control. Engine breaking is very light compared to the 06 montesa 250cc . Now switching the the power setting on the switch hang on, its ready to hit anything you want to climb or splatter. I let some of the other 2 stroke riders give it a go they were impressed with the handling and control they they had, they enjoyed the power. Very well built it impressed them as well. If your still riding a 250 cc montesa your gonna want one of these. If you can find one .
  6. bbk

    Montesa 300RR

    Okay just took out my 2017 300RR first impression WOW, I've been riding my 2006 Repsol 250 4rt since the day i took her out of the box 11 years ago and shes still going only thing ive had to do on it was replace the fork seal 2 times and a lot of fenders great bike just put gas in and ride. The 06 has been to the UTE cup twice been as far Vermont it has been ridden . Anyone who who has seen me ride knows that montesa is a tough bike. We live here in Oklahoma you can see some of our land in the Pat Smage video where he get engaged . We has 457 acers to play on. Okay now for the differeces of an 06 to 2017. I have not change a thing on it. Stock gearing this bike really has low end power. Foot pegs are great, the front end feels light. I did some pretty steep off cambered turns and climbs that low end power is great . Suspension feels solid and tracks great. Did a few small splatters felt smooth. Have not ran thru all the gears yet it was pretty warm outside today gonna have some riders over this Sunday and will get to do a lot of riding and get a better feel for it. It does come with Carbon fiber header pipe and headlight . Very nice looking bike i will try to post some pics this Sunday after a hard day of riding it. The bike does have mapping switch i've only tried the standard. Sunday hope to put her through the paces
  7. as long as ive been waiting for my 2017 i was starting to think i was going to get an 2018 instead its been 7 months since i put my money down on a 300rr was called today saying i can come get the bike tomorrow. I wont be buying from the Dallas dealership again
  8. bbk

    Montesa 300RR

    I didnt buy an 2016 repsol i put the money down on a 2017 300rr back on Nov.4 2016 after tomorrow i will be able to say something about the differance between 06 250 repsol and the 300rr
  9. bbk

    Montesa 300RR

    Well i can hardly believe it but the Dallas dealership called today and said i can pick up my bike tomorrow 7 months after I put the money down on it. Look forward to giving feed back about the the bike.
  10. bbk

    Montesa 300RR

    i have an 2006 4rt only thing thats been done to her is 2 sets of fork seals and dont know how many fenders ive gone thru they are Hondas they just keep going and going it still starts on the 1st or 2nd kick . I buying another one
  11. bbk

    Montesa 300RR

    I put money down on my 300rr back on Nov 4th 2016 at a dealership in Dallas due its first due date was Jan 26th then April 26th then May 18th now May 30th gonna call today to see what the next date is gonna be. Im still riding my 2016 250 repsol I too will give an update okay here's my new update now they say June 6th
  12. take it to dealer regardless, check radiator water level if she gets hot she wont shift
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