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  1. I'm looking for some advice, I have a montesa 315 r which I have used for the last year on my first year on a trials bike. It seems to need constant repairs so maybe its time for a newer bike. Have been looking for something around a year old but most seem to be 280-300 in size. Do you lot think it is ok for a relative novice to go to this size bike or should I stick to something smaller. Any pointers would be great as have not tried other brands so you lot are my only hope;-) the betas and shercos look popular but I do like the TRS but don't seem to find that many reviews for them. Thanks fraser
  2. yogibear

    Clutch slip.

    put the clutch back together, new oil and adjusted the clutch lever. on the drive it seemed ok but need to see what happens when it gets warm. This means ill have to go and try again , thanks for the help guys
  3. yogibear

    Clutch slip.

    Thanks Dan, will check the hole and see if i can get a new plunger kit as i wonder if its just feeling its age. When i pull in the the lever the clutch disengages and engages when i let the clutch go, it just seems to struggle ir i put some load on it. is there a way to see if it is the plunger at the leaver or is it just trial and error ? sorry for all the questions its just a big learning curve for me as i cannot fix it with a hammer ;-)
  4. yogibear

    Clutch slip.

    Thanks Huski, do the friction plates measure 2.65 front to back or just the pad on one side. my overall thickness is 2.7 across the pad on both faces and 2 in-between the pads?
  5. yogibear

    Clutch slip.

    Need some help please guys. Was out today on some hills and bike was fine to start. But as the day went on the bike was reving at the tops of the hills but lacked drive. It got worse and worse as the day went on to the point I had a couple of tumbles as the bike could not make it to the top of the hills. As it’s in all gears I assume it’s the clutch friction plates that have gone? Have taken them out and look to have about 0.5mm on them. Is that worn out or should I be looking at something else . It’s a 2002 315r if that helps and here are some photos. Any advice would be appreciated ?
  6. Have got a montesa 315 at the moment but a guy has a TRS 280 2016 for sale near me and am very tempted with an upgrade ;-) What are they like to ride if anyone has had a montesa before as dont do much but want to get back into it with a newer bike. Am i better spending a bit more on a TRS one as never looked at the TRS before but look great value for what you get when looking at others. Any advice would be great, thanks Here is copy of advert http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Trials-bike-TRS-280-2016-road-registered-/263155618206?hash=item3d454c119e:g:zBgAAOSwX99ZmF4i
  7. Have a 315r 2002 Had a water pump shaft seal go so took off clutch and clutch housing( not basket) to get to seal. Have put back on and bike is in gear but I cannot now select any gears. Any ideas as to what I have done? Have taken clutch out but cannot undo basket bolt as think you need a special tool. Should I take off other side around gear selecter ? Help please fraser
  8. yogibear

    Water leak

    Thanks guys, have ordered the seals and gaskets so tomorrow we open her up. wish me luck
  9. yogibear

    Water leak

    Help again, sorry guys for my lack of maintenance skills? Have a 2002 315r and had a little water leak from what I thought was the water pump. I turns out it is leaking from a little hole (see photo) underneath the water pump. Have taken the cover off but cannot see how you get to it or should there just be a plug that goes in that has come out,
  10. Thanks guys will give it a try later and will tell the wife you lot said its ok to do it backwards, see you next week with a black eye ;-)
  11. Some help please in case i am doing something wrong as have bleed brakes before but never a clutch. I have a 315r 2002 model, cover says dot4 fluid so think its the correct stuff. Went to bleed clutch, took top cover off, attached pipe, Undid nipple, pumped leaver and redid nipple in- between but now have no resistance in lever at all. have taken out plunge pin in cylinder but looks ok. Does it just need bleeding again as it has air in it? and if so as it has no pressure in lever is the only way to do it with a vacuum pump. Am i missing someithing or is it just air?. help please.
  12. I know its a bit of a numpty question but just checking before i become a numpty. i have a 315r 2002 and need to change to clutch fluid. It is dot 4 brake fluid in the clutch master cylinder as i know some other bikes have hydraulic fluid. ? thanks fraser
  13. Great to meet you today and thanks for the insight as to what I have let myself in-for.Everyone was so friendly to, so just need to get bike sorted and will catch up on the next one I hope. thanks everyone fraser
  14. Hanks, what time does it start as going to come down to watch if i can. thanks fraser
  15. yogibear

    315r clutch

    Out with the measuring stick, more tools to buy, i love my local tool store , thanks ;-)
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