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  1. Piuma 350

    Actually looking for big and small end bearing numbers not mains. But that parts diagram is great, Thanks!
  2. Piuma 350

    Hi all, does anyone have the bearing numbers and or sizes for the big end bearing and little end bearing for a Piuma 350? thanks,
  3. Flywheel puller

    Motoplat ignition
  4. Flywheel puller

    Thanks Fourex! I’ll try my Bully puller first.
  5. Flywheel puller

    Hi, anyone know the dimensions and thread size for the flywheel puller on a 350?
  6. Piuma green frame colour

    Thanks that’s a god start
  7. Piuma green frame colour

    I thought I read it on here also but can’t seem to find it now.
  8. Piuma green frame colour

    Does anyone have the colour code or number for the green in the Piuma frame?
  9. Piuma Kickstarter

    Marzoochi front and rear and silver wheels I believe.
  10. Piuma Kickstarter

    Thanks, I’ll try the Hell team. I have read a lot of posts saying the old gasser kickstarts fit but can’t find a model and year mentioned.
  11. Piuma Kickstarter

    -/ Does anyone know the year and model of Gas Gas Kickstarter that fits onto the Italjet’s? And maybe a supplier? -/ are kickstarts shaft still unobtainable? thanks, - mark g
  12. fuel tank cap

    Does that cap in the listing actually fit? I am in need of a cap also.
  13. TLM rings

    Names or websites of any companies would be great! I have enquired many places here and abroad and no one can help,,, or can be bothered.
  14. TLM rings

    Contacted Banjeres with no luck on rings just the bare piston. Hence the need for someone to make rings.
  15. TLM rings

    Yep, it is a 260cc TLM. I have searched catalogues for something similar but nothing as yet. I can get a genuine Honda piston at an expense but no rings. I matched up a conrod but the crank pin is too short so need to get one made and as yet no one is capable. Cost is a problem but want to get this bike going so have pay to play....