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  1. You can still buy new from Honda. Only way to guarantee a good fit in my opinion.
  2. Hi, Thanks for reply, Why do say not possible? The shocks are easily dismantled and seals available?
  3. Has anyone ever rebuilt the rear Marzocchi rear shocks on an Italjet? Looking for oil quantities and any tips. Thanks!
  4. Thanks, I understood the post and that the bearing separates. So your saying to use this type of bearing in both cases or just in the clutch side case? Using the normal bearing in the flywheel side as the gearbox is assembled in this side? or alternatively assemble crank in clutch side case with normal bearing then lower this as an assembly in flywheel case that has the nj205 bearing installed? Sorry if the seems a silly question,,,just trying to get my head around it ..
  5. Hi, a bit confused how using this bearing makes it easier to assemble cases? - the bearing nj 205 ecp c3 goes into the ignition side case? So does this mean the crank is installed into the clutch side case first? any help appreciated.,
  6. Hi, yes my M27 is all running and never touched since it left the factory.
  7. Hi, i have an original M27 but doesn’t have metal badges. Might have been an early production piece that got changed on later M27’s.
  8. markg

    Need a Kick Stand

    Moto SWM in England just sent an email out saying that they had some made.
  9. markg

    Piuma 350

    Actually looking for big and small end bearing numbers not mains. But that parts diagram is great, Thanks!
  10. markg

    Piuma 350

    Hi all, does anyone have the bearing numbers and or sizes for the big end bearing and little end bearing for a Piuma 350? thanks,
  11. markg

    Flywheel puller

    Motoplat ignition
  12. markg

    Flywheel puller

    Thanks Fourex! I’ll try my Bully puller first.
  13. markg

    Flywheel puller

    Hi, anyone know the dimensions and thread size for the flywheel puller on a 350?
  14. Thanks that’s a god start
  15. I thought I read it on here also but can’t seem to find it now.
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