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  1. I think retarding the timing will fix your problem ...if you find it is running hot that suggests you have gone too far. Also can't stress enough that you must set plug gap ....out of the box is too big and the spark will fail.
  2. Check plug gap...it is very important. Otherwise back timing off 1 degree and see how it goes.
  3. Yes but in my 247 there are three magneto coils .... the largest is the ignition system
  4. Not if red is coming off a separate magneto coil .... don't know about 248 but on my 247 it does.
  5. Tap it into the low tension (black) lead going to the coil. Th button earths to frame killing the power going to the coil. I don’t think your red lead should go to condensor as the condenser also is part of the coil circuit ie:black wire. Red lead is/was probably lighting circuit
  6. My Cota hated ATF, more false neutrals than gears and jumping out constantly. I run the recommended gear oil which I think is 80W 90 and usually just the occasional jump between first and second. IMO ATF is too thin and may explain the leaky seal
  7. It moght help that I have emptied my in box = try again
  8. that's because your posting the message on your own profile. clock on my avatar and top of screen choose Message

  9. PM me your email and I will sned you what I have, mine is 76 but close enough
  10. I agree with Splatered Stu - just disconnect and stick under the seat. You just use the existing kill switch ...pretty easy.
  11. Google Sammy Miller parts
  12. Hi. Not finished , with it  123  has side pipe , , doing similar ,  larry

  13. Photo might help. My 250 pipe goes under tank with no issues
  14. I need to paint two Cota 247 bodies. I have done it in the past but results were mixed. I want to do this right and finish off with a very hard, fuel proof, KBS Diamond clear coat. But before I get their I need to use the right pre-coat and top coat. I would appreciate suggestions for both pre-coat that will give me a well attached base that I can sand to a good finish and then a sound top coat.
  15. just mount it on same bolts as coil ...make sure it is cleanly earthed, you may need to scrape some paint off
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