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  1. keychange

    Cota 247 Motoplat Ignition Set-Up... Clueless!

    Lovely job, hopefully the love affair can now begin
  2. keychange

    Cota 247 Motoplat Ignition Set-Up... Clueless!

    mjlyam - yes it came back to me and so a revisited the points wire connection and it wasn't properly isolated - fixed that and all good
  3. keychange

    Cota 247 fork oil

    Hi Daniel Manual says SAE20 or SAE 30 with 190cc per leg - I reckon most people use ATF ( transmission fluid ) which from memory is around 10 wt. Works for me. Message me your email if you want a copy of the manual Cheers Andrew
  4. keychange

    Montesa cota 247 ignition

    I pulled all my lighting circuits off years ago but Pink to earth does not sound correct. The circuit is earthed by the points connection to the magneto base
  5. keychange

    TLR200 running right?

    The standard gearing on TLR is too high - put a smaller front sprocket on and second becomes much more tractable and manageable - in fact first is only for slow down hill descents
  6. keychange

    Cota 247 Tank

    The kit I mentioned that KBS supply comes with degreaser and yes you need to prepare meticulously
  7. keychange

    Cota 247 Tank

    I have used this stuff on many tanks and as long as you prep correctly it works a treat - get the kits for bikes https://www.ebay.com.au/i/272946991608?chn=ps
  8. keychange

    247 cylinder removal

    A rubber mallet or block of wood
  9. keychange

    Should I buy a 1986 Honda TLR200 that won't start?

    No idea what a Reflex is worth - they are more street trail than trials with smaller forks. A real TLR 200 in good nick is worth well over $1,000 - more like $3,000 in the UK
  10. keychange

    Cota 247 Motoplat Ignition Set-Up... Clueless!

    Went to take my 247 for a run today and for the first time in years she wouldn't start. No spark so started working backwards from the cut of switch ...finally removed the low voltage coils and it appears that I have a short circuit to earth. So it looks like a burnt out coil - strange that it got me home without an issue last ride. Does anyone know the correct resistance for the coil?
  11. keychange

    Cota 247 Motoplat Ignition Set-Up... Clueless!

    ThreeBond is your friend ....let it cure at least 24 hours and it lasts years
  12. keychange

    Cota 247 Gear Selection

    When I say "original" I mean copy of original - I have a good quality scanned version for 247C and 247T but each page is seperate message me your email and I will send
  13. keychange

    Cota 247 Gear Selection

    Underslung clutch went out on Model 21M19228 on LHS an 21M6700 on RHS ..but according to my original 247 Manual there was never a modification from 4 speed to 5 speed. Your model is 21M .???? - there were 6 variants in gear box from model 21M 0600 - 3750 - 5288 - 6600 -7256 and 21385
  14. keychange

    Honda tlr 125

    This has got to be close - but your post begs the question, why buy a TLR125 trials bike if you want to do more than 40mph https://thumpertalk.com/uploads/monthly_10_2015/post-378290-0-38088700-1446208661.jpg