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  1. I'm posting this followup in case anybody else has similar issue: I contacted Electrex & Bob helped me diagnose the issue, seems I got a defective CDI (coil) he authorized a warranty replacement & Speed & Sport sent out replacement same day, once installed Montesa starts 1st or 2nd kick after priming with decompression lever, I just happened to get a bad unit, thanks to Electrex & Speed & Sport for taking care of me, bike is a pleasure to start & ride again!
  2. Started the 247 for 1st time after winter & started relatively easy & ran great, rode it 2 more times no problems, yesterday went for short ride, stalled it & won't restart, cleaned plug & checked spark & no spark, checked plug on another bike & shows spark AND tried new plug in Montesa, no spark, so today pulled flywheel thinking the key must have sheared but no issue there, all looks OK, disconnected kill switch & still no spark, Electrex Ignition is barely 6 months old? WTF?? ]
  3. I set timing at 21% & while still hard starting cold it does fire up after a few kicks, warm starts are much better. I do find a lack of very low RPM power with the Moterex ignition installed & wonder if I should try refurbishing the original ignition?
  4. Thanks for the lengthy reply, I set timing at 27% because John Haberbosch's website, Rockymountainmontesa. suggests that, he also says the Cota 247 will start & run from 21-27%, I will go back & adjust timing towards 21% & see how it starts, crank seals are recent & I set TDC using a dial indicator in the spark plug hole. Brand new NGK fitted
  5. Ok, will do, Thanks for posting
  6. I've had my '74 Cota for 22 years, always ran on points & coil, always hard to kick but always started, I'm getting old, recently had starting issues, installed compression release, still no start but had spark, pulled flywheel, checked points & decided to replace condenser, when I removed old condenser the wire pulled out from center of condenser, so thought that was issue, after 22 years with that condenser, replaced with new condenser & moved to under tank but then completely lost spark, decided to install Electrex ignition after reading on this site that others have done this & have 1 or 2 kick starting. while it now runs still have very hard starting, timing is set at 27%, new plug, carb is clean, running on non ethanol fuel, any suggestions?
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