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  1. Thank you for your kind offer Autoavia if I am stuck I will get in touch Thank you for the link nicbrrghs that is a very useful resource
  2. Hi Autoavia, thank you for your advice, I have bought the clymer manual on ebay and Key change has very kindly sent me a lot of useful stuff, so I should have plenty of bed time reading
  3. Thank you section swept, yes I have done a number of things to the bike over the years and generally it has gone according to plan. In the past I was always short of time and would just crack on as quickly as possible, these days I have a bit more time and do a bit more research before I tear into things. At the weekend I stripped the forks and changed the gear and clutch oil,I had to get the quantities and specifications from this site which was excellent but having them to hand in a manual could be useful
  4. Thank you Thai-ty and cleanorbust I will pursue the clymer manual on ebay for the 1965 to 1972 montesa singles, did not a lot change between 1972 and 1977? Andrew I have sent a pm and it appears to have gone through this time Many thanks everybody
  5. that's because your posting the message on your own profile. clock on my avatar and top of screen choose Message

  6. Hi Andrew that is really kind, I have tried sending you a message with my email address but I am not sure it is getting through
  7. Hi Larry I have looked on ebay and will keep looking but nothing appears to be available in the UK apart from parts lists
  8. Could anybody point me in the right direction to get a copy of a manual for my 1977 Cota 247. I have had my bike a very long time but never got round until now to try and get a manual for it, I must be getting old wanting to know the right way to do things rather than trying to work it out for myself
  9. Thank you trapezeartist I will do that
  10. Hi I have a Montesa Cota 247 that I have owned for over 35 years, I haven't ridden it for at least 5 years but have had the urge to get so use from it. I put some fresh petrol in yesterday and it started second kick. I have unstuck one of the fork legs this morning and changed the oils but realised i don't have a manual, could anybody point me in the right direction to get a manual for a 1977 Montesa cota 247 Many thanks Chris from East Devon
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