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  1. By far the Bultaco has been easiest to get parts for. My 199 has been both ultra reliable and fantastic to ride. A fe years back I had a cota 349 and loved it. My ossa is a 303 and while not as fun, the cool factor is off the charts. its one of the last 1000 made in around 1983. At next weekends meet I may ride it on the easy line just to try it out.
  2. herman

    Campeon Kit

    Greetings, All- I just found a campeon kit tank / seat the other day. The seat is toast, but I can get one from In Motion. The fiber glass is in incredibly good shape and after a Caswell coating and repaint, it should look great. here's my question; If I use this on my 191 project, can I use the standard air box or would I have to acquire and earlier air box like on the early to mid 70's Sherpa T? Or should I use this as an excuse to buy another older Sherpa T? ? I haven't gotten the tank yet, so I don't know. Thanks, Herman
  3. herman

    Red Ossa 303 TR80

    I took possession of the 303 last Saturday. Runs a bit rough, though. The carb appears to be a Mikuni. Does anyone know if these were standard?
  4. A follow up- looked up the model numbers and found the 360 Pursang was a model 112. If that's the case, I have to think the porting might be a bit wild for a Sherpa? If it is a Pursang cylinder and it is a too long sleeve, can I have it machined at the bottom to fit?
  5. Ok, so I used the grease on the piston pin spacers and managed to get the piston installed. Many thanks. Id posted earlier this was for my 199 when in fact it was the 191. a little background: I found the 191 a couple years back and figured I'd take a chance. I hated the idea that it might end up in the scrap heap, so I grabbed it. When I got it, the bike didn't have a seat, exhaust, and a few smaller things. The head was sitting on the cylinder without nuts. The seller said the bike had no compression and when I popped the cylinder off I saw why- no rings! So, much time later and I'm working to get her back together as much as time and my health will allow, I have yet another problem/question: The cylinder, when installed, won't seat on the base. There's about an eighth inch gap. Once over the piston, the cylinder slides down easily until it "clanks" leaving an even gap. Given the condition of the bike when I got it, I'm wondering if this is even the correct cylinder for it. The top of the cylinder has a marking " 112". does this ring a bell? I'm thinking the lower part of the sleeve is too long but I don't know. I was thinking that I could coat the edge of the cylinder where it slip into the case to see if it's hitting, but I don't know what to use. im sorry to always need help. It seems as I've aged I've lost what little mechanical ability I had. thanks, Herman
  6. Hi all just getting around to installing the new wiseco piston I got from In Motion for my 199 they were out of single needle bearings so they sent two smaller ones that fit fine. The spacers they sent are flat on one side and sort of dished on the other. I assume the flat sides go against the piston? While trying a dry run on the fitting, I found there isn't enough room to get both spacers in.What am I doing wrong? thank you for any suggestions.
  7. herman

    Red Ossa 303 TR80

    Thanks, Woody. my riding partner picked up an orange 250 Gripper a couple of years back and the bike is absolutely beautiful. It's original and could pass for new. It resides in his basement for display. Then a few months ago another friend came to town for a visit and saw the bike and lost his mind over it. He's an importer and next thing we know he had both an orange 250 and a red 303 sent from Italy. The 250, while not nearly as nice as the one in the basement, still thrilled me. The red 303 came from an Italian fellow that kept it on hand for Mick Andrews to ride when he visited. I have a photo of Mick on the bike somewhere and will post. So my friend the importer said he was going to ride both bikes and keep one. Turns out he loves the 250, so I ask what he wants for the 303 figuring he'd ask some crazy price. His reply? Hell, you can just have it....... Well, Dad said never look a gift horse in the mouth, so I graciously accepted. The friend with the museum 250 tells me I should garage it. Even though he just bought a sweet 240 SWM, I'm going to insist he ride it in some events. Me? I'm a Bultaco guy, while he's an Ossa nut. Besides, no one takes better care of a bike than him. He's one of those guys that gets his bike looking new after a ride while mine looks like you'd expect.
  8. herman

    Red Ossa 303 TR80

    A friend has imported one of these and there's a chance I might be able to pick it up from him. My riding buddy says the red 303 is a late effort hodge podge of parts and that the transmission is a time bomb. I know very little about these bikes. Is the bike a museum piece? If the tranny is fragile, are there options?
  9. herman

    Need a Kick Stand

    My riding partner just picked up a 1984 240 and needs a kick stand. Any ideas where he could find one? thanks Herman
  10. Thanks!! , that's how I had it loosely assembled, but wasn't sure. I'll get some pics up as soon as I install the new seat cover and fenders.
  11. Like about every other project I've done, somewhere between the process and reassembly, I've forgotten how the spacers go on the rear wheel. This diagram has me a bit confused. I reassembled in this order: Right side - axle , washer, cam adjuster, swingarm, spacer, backing plate Left side - hub/sprocket, spacer, swingarm, cam adjuster, washer, axle nut From this diagram, it appears both spacers go on left side with a washer in between. Can someone help me out? Thanks very much.
  12. herman

    TXT 321 Forks

    Thanks, Doug. I'm waiting on the parts from the Tryals Shop right now. I'm hoping the week after Christmas to begin. I'll give a shout before hand. The KT runs! Got the dreaded chore of removing the 42 year old tires the other day. I guess I'll go ahead and pop for some new Dunlops.
  13. herman

    TXT 321 Forks

    Getting ready to swap out the seals in my 2001 TXT321 and have a couple of questions: I've read the forks are cartridge type and I've never worked on any. Do I disassemble the same way as regular dampned forks by way of a bolt on the bottom? Are there springs in both legs? What are the black and red knobs for? I assume preload for the springs and dampening? All I know, and it's not much, is that I used to add spacers to my old trials bikes to firm up the springs. I always assumed this was called preload. my riding buddy tells me that increasing the spring rate was called sag and that preload was a dampening adjustment. I'm guessing that cartridges function similarly to old damping rods by the rate of oil passing through an orifice? I'm confused. Can anyone help out this old marginal mechanic? Thanks, Herman
  14. Buttoned up the top end and installed the pipe, sans silencer as its not painted yet. Gassed it up and several kicks produced nothing. Pulled plug and grounded while kicking-no spark. started thinking about possible ignition issues when it hit me: these things have ignition keys, so I clicked it on and third kick she fired up and ran fine. Air boot arrived today and I managed to peel the stock tires off. Nothing like a 42 year old tire on a cold day. Both came off easier than expected and it appears they've never been off. In fact I don't think these wheels have ever been removed. Story was the original owner was a farmer and judging from the price paid on the title in 1977-499 bucks, he got a deal on a farm bike he couldn't pass up. im just going to throw on a couple of old tires I have and enjoy the old girl as a trial / trail riding day bike. pics to follow once I get her cleaned up. funny, just before I found this bike I was thinking about several years ago when I was able to find a couple of bone stock ty250s and how things have changed. These tv shows have made everyone a picker and the pickings are slim now and how I was sad that I'd probably never find another original bike like that...
  15. I'm waiting on the lower end. A friend took it to a former Bultaco mechanic to split the cases and switch out the main bearings. Remember how badly I botched the RL? Haha The rest of the 191 is ready to go. Here's surprise: a friend just imported an Ossa 303 in red and a 250 Gripper in Orange. He'll have the 250 at Dayton this weekend. He's looking into bringing in two more orange grippers for my Fantic riding friend. One of those Grippers may end up in my stable. You or any of the SITT guys going to Dayton?
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