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  1. LATEST FALSE FACT-CHECKS ON DONALD TRUMP https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/list/?category=&ruling=false&speaker=donald-trump STATEMENT BY FORMER FEDERAL PROSECUTORS https://medium.com/@dojalumni/statement-by-former-federal-prosecutors-8ab7691c2aa1
  2. Is that a standard exhaust damper in front of the cylinder head? I haven't noticed that before on other older Montesas.
  3. Yes, very comfortable. It creates the same position as on my Montesa 300RR.
  4. I'm 180cm tall and went for the 6 inch Renthals for my 159.
  5. Unite the US!? By not outright condemming the actions of nazi's and white supremacists. Is that how one unites the country? He can't even keep his administration (or what do you call it) together. He acts like a CEO with too much money and power: If one of his staff members doesn't do exactly like he wants it, he fires him. He's the worst example you could have, that an industrial manager, also would make a good political leader. If they can't replace Obama care, it's always someone elses fault, never his, although he claimed to be the best negotiator in the world. An effing disgrace, that's what he is.
  6. "And now we have people wanting George Washington and other statues removed and parks renamed " Do you have a credible source that confirms that? Or did Alex Jones tell you that?
  7. Yep, I like him too. If Trump had an ounce of self respect or if he knew shame, he would have resigned by now. He puts the job, the office of president, and the entire US to shame. And if the republicans had balls, they would have kicked him out by now.
  8. The idiot who calls every news station but Fox News, fake news, tweets BS like this, unbelievable but true: https://youtu.be/Ny3b0w7-Jac?t=1m22s
  9. Although the actions of King Leopold II in Congo, is a serious blemish on the history of Belgium.
  10. Yep, a smart and funny guy.
  11. Please check your balls at the door, because the brave leader needs an ego boost. Warning: X-rated content; the brave leader can be seen stroking his own ego.
  12. Steveo: "You fit in well with them as being the epitome of xenocentrism. " I think that Belgium, my home country (born and bred), is one of the best places to live. Isn't that the antonym of xenocentrism Steveo? I love this topic! I'm learning new fancy words every day.
  13. "I support the courage he shows" That's a good one. He doesn't even have the courage to show his tax returns. He doesn't keep his own promises. That's a coward in my book, or someone who's got something to hide. Or am I missing "the big picture" Steveo? What's your prediction on the budget talks Steveo? Is Trump going to make America great againg for the poor, the sick and the elderly? Or mainly for his family, his businesses and his rich friends?
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