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  1. If anyone's interested, I have an old second hand alloy fuel tank, for a type 159 Bultaco, coming up for sale. It's a bit battered but not too bad. I bought it in England and had a Sammy miller sticker on it. Located in Belgium.
  2. Stopping is allowed in the Belgian competition.
  3. True, a lot hop where it isn't even necessary.
  4. Hardline Hour/Tach
  5. Is that a standard exhaust damper in front of the cylinder head? I haven't noticed that before on other older Montesas.
  6. Yes, very comfortable. It creates the same position as on my Montesa 300RR.
  7. I'm 180cm tall and went for the 6 inch Renthals for my 159.
  8. Ok, maybe I overreacted a bit, but I was shocked by the blatant audacity. But I think when people are so upset when the no-stop rule isn't implemented 100%, this should also not be tolerated.
  9. Shame on Honda! Cleaning rock with water. https://www.facebook.com/oscarraga/videos/10158749292245298/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED
  10. Maybe his left foot touches the ground at 8:28 or 8:30? Don't know, it's hard to see, but he didn't seem to protest much when the observer showed him 1 finger.
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