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  1. 2 Stroke oil

    Motul 800 2T
  2. Goggles or not?

    HI Guys Just had 3x Acerbis Jet Aria turn up from Splat shop great helmets so glad to have found them best of all a nice fit enjoy
  3. Tech fork on 2013 GG

    I made up spacers for myTech forks works fine made from free machining alloy Made up wheel spacers and the centre spacer + Tech axle as well got the right bearings its mint to ride so happy I did the change
  4. Busto and Fajardo to Gas Gas

    I see that finger a lot when driven,
  5. Vodka to de-funk a helmet?

    I have a KTM sweat Beanie with lots of small holes in it works great, my helmet is mint after every trial
  6. Evans Coolant in Trials Bikes

    I run waterless coolant in my 300 KTM, works fine, put some in my 300 Raga and the engine would not get up to operating temperature, it would stall very often, drained it out put some Motul fluid in, sweet as never stalled again
  7. Queueing etiquette

    Come to New Zealand and ride we only have 35 ish riders at a National event and have awesome day
  8. early magnesium alloy cases

    MY 92 Gara had 2 sets of cases, bugger as i liked the bike.
  9. New to Dumfries

    Sounds like a very nice place, Have done a lot of riding in the UK , Very little sun wet but still fun
  10. New to Dumfries

    Haha And where is that , i come from way down under
  11. New to Dumfries

    Hi Bill Welcome and were are you, this will help for a rider in your area to get hold of you All the best
  12. The Vertigo Ursus In Action

    Looks cool, good to see it 1980s we had a GSX1100 with mx tyres on and raced them on flat track mx days o so fast off the line
  13. The Scott Trial 2016

    Thanks Guys
  14. Tight Top Shock Mount On 2010 Pro / How To Widen?

    Best way is to get a hydraulic spreader and spread it cold do not put any gas heat on it ,, use a very good heat gun if need only ????
  15. British Trial Gp At Tong Bradford

    As above Cheers