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  1. 0.2mm = 0.008" dont worry about it !
  2. s.e.p at kegworth did one for me
  3. do not do this ! the 2016 125 is already weak on the main jet,sherco team bikes are running a larger main than standard. they are rich on the needle,they need to be used hard to keep them clear you could drop the needle half a notch with a needle spacer/washer I think splat shop sells them
  4. try paul Curtis at PRC FABRICATIONS in leicestershire
  5. sheared ignition rotor key
  6. that's what I wanted to hear !
  7. does anyone know what year beta started using magnesium alloy crank cases ? I mean standard for sale bikes not factory specials.
  8. if your spark plug is sooty you need to drop the needle,one notch may be too much.you can buy a spacer from splat shop which makes half a notch adjustment possible,the mixture screw only affects the first part of throttle opening.
  9. check the carb to reed block rubber for cracks,or crank seals !
  10. It was a great day,even the rain couldn`t spoil the fun ! obviously lots of work went into organizing the test day great stuff !!
  11. we had the same,it was a dodgy fuel tap - put it on reserve !
  12. we have had a `15 no problems other than rider inflicted damage ! never broken a radiator. waiting for the 2016 to arrive.pm me if you are interested in our 2015 bike
  13. sounds ok seems to have a lot of induction noise - is there an air filter fitted ? in good condition ? pull the clutch in and most of the mechanical noise will go away.
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