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  1. Rings welded to piston Thanks
  2. Bike started to idle funny bit up and down then overheated and now wont start, its got fuel, spark, carb cleaned, compressions dropped aswell
  3. check your crankcase breather pipe isnt blocked this can cause moisture in cases
  4. do all the clutch baskets have play on shaft or is my bearing shot
  5. So it does thanks,clutch basket has lot of movement on it so have to change that bearing aswell,water pump shaft has play aswell, looking at oil its got water in so need to rebuild pump
  6. Started to tear down today ,theres no obvious play in shaft at either end i know sometimes its not possible to feel it just by man handling it,also the clutch basket bolts are star type shape is there a special socket to get them off
  7. Bearings arrived jitsie packaged xgf type am i right in thinking i only need one other seal for flywheel side with these type of bearings
  8. thanks,i ordered bearings today and seal not much choice in uk who you get them off and the type they are,i run atf in mine it looks like strawberry milkshake at minute so i may have some water ingress aswell
  9. think mine have gone 2015 250 ,havnt had bike long started knocking, with it not having much use i thought it was more of a fuelling issue sort of pinking so ive altered slide and jetting trying to cure it but didnt really help,now knocking worse and smoking, theirs no play in flywheel so im assuming oil side bearing and seal have gone,does anyone know sizes of bearing and seals that i need
  10. finally seem to be there,put the 45 pilot in no more surging and idles well with 1 1/2 turns on air/fuel srew,only pottered about outside home just need proper run now make sure thanks for all help
  11. just fitted some on mine cant fault them saves going back to the van to make small adjustments when needed
  12. School kids use emojis if you got anything to comment please type it nob
  13. Had proper ride tonight had to have air screw 3 turns out just to get it to idle properly so i reckon the 45 pilot should sort it
  14. fitted the no3 slide seems to have stopped knocking but now seems to surge and pop on over run more than it did which normally happens when lean but plug looks as if a little rich so ive ordered a 45 pilot (standard) as it has 48 at present fingers crossed it will be sorted
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